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Kyla Brennan

December 18, 2013

Comments Off on Four Pinterest-Perfect Instructographics: Part 2

Instructographics (a fancy new buzzword for an infographic with instructions) are one of the best ways you can engage potential customers on Pinterest. In this series, we take a look at 4 examples that are perfect for Pinterest, what makes them so successful and how you can apply these principles to your company’s own instructographics for optimal virality.

imageJAF GIFTS: Vintage Pictures in Mason Jars

JAF Gifts produced this popular DIY instructographic that walks viewers through the process of creating a craft from an especially trendy item on Pinterest (and one that JAF happens to sell) – mason jars.

That itself is a smart step brands should imitate: when coming up with an idea for an instructographic, start by learning what’s popular on Pinterest and see if any current trends overlap with your brand/inventory. While it’s hard to imagine that mason jars are among JAF Gifts’ most lucrative items (a set of 3 sells for around $10.99), they were smart to feature in this tutorial.  It’s a great way to get more clicks to the website, where the ready-to-buy audience can find other, more expensive products to add to their carts.

Of course, your company doesn’t have to sell any products that even remotely mirror what’s already popular on Pinterest to make something like this work – for instance, an olive oil brand could have produced this same instructographic.

Mason jars aside; it should come as no surprise that this instructographic got repinned thousands of times. Firstly, the purpose is immediately clear: the title and accompanying photo show viewers exactly what they’ll wind up with. Second, the image clearly demonstrates this craft’s simplicity by showing that it only requires 4 items and 3 steps to complete. (As noted in a previous post, simplicity rules on Pinterest.)

Finally, JAF Gifts does a nice job of branding themselves by including their logo at the bottom, large enough to be noticed but not so blatant that it feels like a marketing piece. An especially nice touch is the subtle call to action included next to the second item listed under “Here’s what you need”  – the mason jars! It reads, “You can buy these mason jars at JAF Gifts”, along with their website address.

Visually appealing, Pinterest-targeted and well branded, this is a stand-out example of an instructographic that’s sure to engage pinners and send very targeted and purchase-ready consumers to the retailer’s website.


  • Use Pinterest’s current trends to your advantage by incorporating them into your instructographic when you can
  • Emphasize the simplicity of your project with clear, numbered steps and lists
  • Incorporate a call to action that drives viewers to your website in a way that doesn’t detract from the overall effect of the instructographic (on the contrary – it should feel helpful!)

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