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Kyla Brennan

December 14, 2013

Comments Off on Four Pinterest-Perfect Instructographics: Part 1

Instructographics (a fancy new buzzword for an infographic with instructions) are one of the best ways you can engage potential customers on Pinterest. In this series, we take a look at 4 examples that are perfect for Pinterest, what makes them so successful and how you can apply these principles to your company’s own instructographics for optimal virality.


This instructographic from the blog Brit & Co. is a lesson in simplicity and making the most of the mundane. The topic – how to waterproof shoes – is one of life’s more ordinary tasks, but one that all of us have had to do at one point, and will likely have to do again. That in itself is enough to get people’s attention on Pinterest.

The graphic is as plain as the topic, but it’s well done with nice photography, and the plainness serves a purpose: the clean-bordering-on-stark aesthetic of the overall image drives home the benefit of this particular waterproofing method – that it can be done in just 2 easy steps!

However, this could be even better communicated to the viewer through text. If the headline read “How To Waterproof Your Shoes In 2 Easy Steps”, it would get significantly better traction on Pinterest. Consider the fact that when this instructographic was pinned with a caption that mentioned the two-step process, it got repinned nearly 66% more than when it was pinned with a caption that did not. Simplicity is king on Pinterest!

Overall, this instructographic has been repinned thousands of times, and should serve as a lesson to companies whose products aren’t especially exciting or design-centric. Although it was originally produced by the blog Brit & Co., it’s a great example of what companies like Lundmark – the brand who makes the beeswax used in this instructographic – could do to make their ordinary (and otherwise too-mundane-for-Pinterest) product more pin-able and engaging.


  • If your products/services alone aren’t exciting enough to get Pinterest traction, instructographics showing them in action are the best bet for pin virality/click-throughs
  • If your instructographic is about something simple, make it known in the text within the graphic (i.e.  “easiest way to…”; “…in just 3 simple steps”; “…in only 5 minutes”; etc.)
  • An instructographic about something mundane is OK as long as it’s relevant to your brand and shows a faster/better/easier/more clever way to do that particular thing

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