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Zoe Waldron

May 21, 2014


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As a social media manager myself, I know how different Pinterest is from other social media platforms. Are you still a little confused on how to get the most out of Pinterest for the larger brand(s) you manage? Depending on your brand’s Pinterest account’s current “level,” you can follow this guide for helpful tips and tricks catered to your following and experience. Once you’ve successfully achieved and mastered that level’s tricks and goals, you can move onto the next level until your brand’s Pinterest account has a high following, high engagement, and the results your client wants, whether that be for a high following, traffic, sales, or brand awareness.

LEVEL 1 – Beginning Pinning

At this stage, the Pinterest account you are managing is newly created or a little neglected. You may not be well-versed on the platform do’s and don’ts. Don’t worry! I’m here to help.

Level 1 Characteristics:

    ►  0-20K followers (Keep in mind these are est. for large brands’).

    ► Poor engagement (I consider poor engagement for brands: 0-10 repins/pin).

    ► Unorganized boards (And too few or too many boards. Ideal → 20-40                      boards).

    ► Sporadic pinning patterns that aren’t well-planned (Ideal → 15-25 pins/day).

    ► Pin sizes may be unideal (The optimal pins are vertical, ~730 x 1200 pixels).

    ► Occasional viral pins.

    ► Too many product pins pinned back to back (1 product/4-5 pins max).          

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          Ways to improve:

                    – Add your website and verify it (There will be a checkmark on the profile).

                    – Get rich pins (Free!)

                    – Ask your email subscribers and other social media followers to follow your Pinterest. Also, tweet                               asking for people to follow you. Easy and effective!

                    -Avoid pinning people’s faces unless necessary, like to show a product (ie: sunglasses).

                    – Give boards simple names [especially if in Level 1] to increase the likelihood of discovery.

                    – Make sure all boards are categorized appropriately. Avoid categorizing to the Other category.

                    – Do not pin multiple product pins back to back. It can seem spammy to your followers and isn’t                                 visually engaging. Give your products a story.

                    – Pinterest is a visual masterpiece, so if you’re going to pin a basic image of a brand’s new                                         swimwear, sandwich that plain product pin between an image of the beach or a peach                                             lemonade recipe.

                    – Always comment back to questions about products or positive comments. This engagement will                               excite pinners and increase the chances of them ‘Following All’ and becoming a regular engager.                           [Replying to negative comments is your call.]

                    – Pin a variety of categories, and make sure to stay current with interests and seasons! (AKA: Create                         a summer or Father’s Day Pinterest board ASAP.)

LEVEL 2: Pinning Momentum

At this stage, the Pinterest account you are managing is doing pretty well. You have a solid set of followers and interaction is improving every day. Your following is steadily increasing. Don’t slow down now!

Level 2 Characteristics:

        ► 20K-100K followers.

        ► A fairly-good pinning routine.

        ► Good engagement (10-100 repins per pin).

        ► Occasional board and pin virality.

        ► Organized boards with full-sentence descriptions on each.

        ► Boards not spiced up often (Change board covers every week or so).

        ► Pin dimensions are usually optimized, not always.

        ► You have rich pins and your website on Pinterest is verified.

          How to improve:

                    – Continue following Level 1’s recommendations.

                    – Change board covers weekly to keep things fresh and fun. Try having board themes, like all covers                         are white or an ombre color theme.

                    – Once you get closer to 50K followers, you can change board names to get a little more creative, if                           desired by the brand, but keep it short! Three words at most.

                    – Aim for all branded pins to be optimized, 730 x 1200 pixels and bright.

                    – Create a group board with a blogger, HelloSociety influencer, sister brand, or fans.

                    – Dedicate a board to fan-created content, like fans’ Instagrams or contest entries.

LEVEL 3 – Pinning and winning

At this level, you are a pinning rockstar. You are pinning your brand to Pin-greatness. Engagement is regularly high and your pins going viral is very common. There’s always room for improvement, though. This high number could be mostly due to a well-established brand so you have to keep the content on-point to keep engagement up and numbers increasing. The most-followed brand on Pinterest is L.L.Bean with over 5 million followers… you can get there!

Level 3 Characteristics:

        ► 100K – 500K followers

        ► Great engagement (100+ repins regularly).

        ► You regularly change your board covers.

        ► Every board has a description and is categorized.

        ► Your website has rich pins and is verified for Pinterest.

        ►Commonly having viral pins and boards (100s to 1000s of repins).

          How to improve:

                    – Keep at it. Follow Level 1 – 3’s recommendations carefully and your following will continue to                                   improve!

                    – Promote! Promote! Promote! Post about the brand’s Pinterest on its Facebook, Twitter, Google+,                             and Instagram every week or so, at least.

                    – Pin a variety of interesting content, carefully. Remember to click through each pin you want to share                       before repinning it!

                    – Only share beautiful images. Although a pin might be linked to something interesting. Hold off on                               pinning it if it isn’t optimized or visually appealing.

                    – Get creative! Since your account has a strong following, feel free to change board names to more                           creative titles. Play with hashtags (see Splendid as a good example)!

LEVEL 4 – King Pinner

Your brand, aka: you, are a Pinterest prodigy.

 Level 4 Characteristics:

         ► 500K – over 1 million followers

         ► Daily consistent pinning (15-25+ pins a day, every day).

         ► Great engagement (Lots of comments & 100s to 1000s of repins).

         ► Great about promoting Pinterest account via email & other social media.

          How to improve:

          – Keep doing what you’re doing! You rock. Follow Level 1 – 3’s recommendations carefully and your                           following will continue to improve!

 Can you think of other ways that social media managers can use Pinterest creatively for the brands they manage? Comment Below! Read How To Completely Optimize Your Pinterest Profile and How To Make Your Pins Go Viral for more Pinterest tips and examples!

Have questions about how you can optimize your content for Pinterest, increase your following, or improve your Pinterest account? Contact us at info@hellosociety.com!

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