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Zoe Waldron

January 22, 2014


1. Create a Pinterest business account here

2. Verify the brand’s website for Pinterest here

– Verifying the brand’s official website or blog is an important and effective way to assure pinners that your account is legitimate.

3. Get Rich Pins for Pinterest here

– Rich Pins attach bold headlines to pins from your site, including important information like price, sale price (if applicable), if it’s in stock, as well as a new “Buy from site” button at the top of the pin.

4. Create 6-10 boards to start

– Have some basic boards to accumulate followers: food, home, style, travel, and DIY are solid basic boards.

– Add a few unique boards too: holiday, party planning, and color-themed boards are a great place to start.

5. Create a holiday/seasonal board and make it your first (top left) board

– Think ahead when creating seasonal boards: Valentine’s Day, spring, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, and Mother’s Day are all relevant and allow wiggle room for creativity.

6. Pin 15-30 pins spaced throughout each day

– Pinning a few times every hour or so is a great way to stay top of mind and reach different markets without overwhelming your followers.

7. Pin self-promotional product/service pins once per 5 pins

– Having 1 product pin per every 5 pins allows your followers to truly enjoy your boards and content without feeling irritated with too many white-background product pins.

8. Interact with followers

– Interacting with your followers leads to higher engagement, brand connection and pinner loyalty (aka: your content repinned more often). Comment back to responses, follow pinners back, repin from other pinners often, and share your boards or pins on the brand’s other social accounts. Starbucks has done a great job at commenting.

9. Promote Pinterest on other social media sites

– Promoting your Pinterest on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and your website can lead to a significant jump in followers and content virality. Create a Facebook cover photo promoting more Pinterest follows, add a Facebook Pinterest tab for quick follows, promote the brand’s Pinterest by tweeting weekly, and share top product pins of the week on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and the brand’s website. Lowe’s has done a great job at cross-promotion.

10. Promote Pinterest through email

– Email your followers and invite them to follow your new Pinterest account. Mention why they should follow you and what kind of pins they can expect to see from you. Create Pinterest widgets to quickly increase followers and activity.

11. Choose board covers wisely

– Change board covers every week or so. Bright images are great covers because they stand out and coordinating board cover themes connect your brand or a specific seasonal theme to your pins. Having board cover color schemes is visually pleasing, unique, and can complement your products. Choose something simple like neutrals, see Madewell for an example, or something that pops, like these board cover titles from Jimmy Choo.

Looking for more Pinterest tips and tricks? Check out How your brand can stand out on Pinterest and How to be successful on Pinterest in 2014 for more helpful tips.

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