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Influencer-Powered Social Media Marketing

Kyla Brennan

December 12, 2013


HelloSociety, an all-inclusive Pinterest marketing agency, recently surveyed 110 of the most-followed pinners to get a better understanding of their social media use beyond Pinterest, and marketers should probably pay attention. After all, when one of these top Pinterest users pins an image from a brand’s site, it can generate hundreds of visits within a matter of hours.

Case in point: HelloSociety’s TOP pinners average 700+ repins per image — some going as high as the 1,000’s — driving significant site traffic while boosting brand awareness and sales. Impressive? Yes! But in order to run even more well-rounded and effective campaigns with these Pinterest superstars, brands need to be aware of their influence across all social media channels.

Pinterest infographic, hellosociety, influencer marketing

Takeaway: Influential pinners are natural curators with trusted networks that garner hundreds and thousands of repins per image — and they’re promoting these pins on other platforms across the web. This equates to invaluable crossover marketing and branding geared toward hard-to-reach inner circles of trust. 


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