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Zoe Waldron

April 8, 2014


HS Easter Potluck Party.jpg

HelloSociety Pinterest influencers, are you getting excited for Easter or loving springtime in general? For most major holidays, HelloSociety has an office potluck. For Easter we want to do something a little special. We want to involve our amazing and talented Pinterest influencer network in this Pinterest potluck! Many of you may already be planning on making something special for Easter that you found on Pinterest. At this Pinterest party, you can enter to win prizes for making that Pinterest-inspired recipe you already plan on creating. Sounds like fun, right? (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

March 26, 2014


Chobani Case Study.jpg

Food & Drink is one of the most popular categories on Pinterest. As a food brand on Pinterest, Chobani has done a great job at incorporating recipes with brand lifestyle and inspirational pins. Chobani currently has over 8,000 pins, over 200 likes, and 25 boards, with 15 of those boards being recipe boards. Chobani, in comparison to its competitors, is dominating Pinterest, but could increase their Pinterest following and interaction even more if they took some extra steps to promoting their account, like sharing pins on Facebook and having Pinterest-optimized recipe images on their website. On Pinterest, Chobani shares a variety of recipes, inspirational quotes, fitness pins, how-tos, DIYs, video pins, and more. Chobani currently has earned over 108K Pinterest followers.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 4.35.08 PM.png

What Chobani is doing right (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

March 12, 2014


LLBean Case Study.jpg

Since the end of 2012, L.L.Bean has had more Pinterest followers than any other brand on Pinterest. With over 5.4 million followers, L.L.Bean has earned a strong following, most likely due to one of their boards going viral. Recently though, they’ve been slowly but steadily losing followers. Why? Most likely due to Pinterest’s crackdown on fake and spam accounts, as well as L.L.Bean’s inconsistent pinning and lack of promoting their profile. So how did L.L.Bean get so many followers on Pinterest in the first place?

L.L.Bean’s most-followed board, Woodland Creatures, is their claim to fame with over 4.4M followers. This board went viral which quickly increased their following across all boards. This board shares cute animal pins and contains none of their products. Their Camping board also has over 1.2M followers which follows their brand’s lifestyle focus of the outdoors. With 30 boards and over 1,400 pins, L.L.Bean has tested the waters with Pinterest and has been very fortunate. They share a variety of lifestyle pins, outdoors inspirations, clothing, catalog covers, animals, products, and more.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 6.37.50 PM.png

What L.L.Bean is doing right (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

March 5, 2014


Pinterest Hackers.jpg

My personal Pinterest account was hacked last month. In the past 6 months, Pinterest spam and account hacking has appeared to increase significantly. The main reason people’s accounts are getting hacked? Hackers are realizing the huge potential for reach on Pinterest and people’s passwords are either too easy, or they use the same password for most of their accounts and one of their other accounts has been compromised in the past. SplashData released a list of the top 25 most common passwords for 2013. Is your Pinterest password on this list? The best way to avoid getting hacked is to make your password strong. If you ever believe your Pinterest may have been hacked, change your password immediately.

pinterest_hacked-520x354.pngPhoto via TheNextWeb

Your account is definitely hacked, now what?!

          1) Login. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

November 6, 2013


Zoe Waldron, with Pinterest marketing agency HelloSociety, and Vincent Ng, with MCNG Marketing and Pintalysis, joined together to discuss how Pinterest plays a role in so many people’s lives as they plan for their futures. Whether it be for a future dinner party or a future first child’s nursery, Pinterest can help people prepare for new and exciting things in pinners’ lives. In the following dialogue, we discuss why people use Pinterest and how they use it to plan for upcoming events, using examples from personal experiences.

Thanks for joining me Vincent! Let’s jump right in. So how and why do people use Pinterest for planning? Are they more often planning for things in the near future, like a weekend craft, or in the distant future, like their dream wedding?

Vincent: “I thought it was interesting to see what activities seem to be most prominent so I decided to Google and type in the words “How to use Pinterest for planning,” to see what type of results came up. The clear majority of topics and boards were related to weddings and planning a trip. This seems to be my experience with Pinterest as well. I find it’s not a popular tool for planning near-future events like a weekend craft or upcoming birthday party.” (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

October 2, 2013


Pinfluencers 4

Pinterest is powerful. Being able to discover brands, new products, designs, recipes, and crafts, all while connecting and sharing your discoveries with like-minded people and companies from around the world, is not only unique but also very enjoyable. Did you know that Pinterest is currently the fastest growing social network? So how can brands take advantage of this thriving platform to promote their products and connect with their target audiences? What’s the missing piece to this puzzle? Pinterest influencers.

Pinterest influencers, also known as Pinterest tastemakers, are everyday people who have large followings on Pinterest, anywhere from a hundred thousand to ten million followers. Some influencers are bloggers, some are designers, others are stay-at-home moms, college students, or chefs. These influencers have highly-engaged Pinterest accounts and retain their high followings by pinning unique, desirable, and interesting content to share with their followers. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

September 25, 2013


Whether you love Pinterest or not, it’s undeniable that the potential Pinterest has to change your life is significant… at least it was for me.

It all started in the summer of 2012. I discovered Pinterest after reading about it on Twitter and sent a request for an invite to pin. After a few days I got that exciting email that I could start pinning. I started with uncertainty and excitement and started by pinning a few cute animals, beautiful places I’ve traveled to, and foods I’d like to try making. Pinterest was still pretty new so most of the pins I’d scroll through were beautiful, high-quality photographs and I saw very few unappealing or promotional pins. As the weeks went by I got more and more hooked. By using Pinterest to organize inspiration boards for my internships and college classes, I was able to brainstorm with my teammates by sharing design styles, typography, past advertisements, and photography examples to spark creative campaign themes and unique ideas.

Pinterest is an exciting space to pinpoint your goals, figure out what steps you need to take to reach them, and motivate yourself to aspire towards bigger and better things. Whether you are striving to improve your physique, health and diet, career, home, love life, style, or baking skills, Pinterest has the inspirations to help you get there. The first step is exploring the Everything category and pinning your heart out! (more…)

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Grace Kim

April 10, 2013


When we aren’t working hard perusing Pinterest or connecting brands with like-minded pinners, the HelloSociety team plays hard. Check out what happened when our CEO, Kyla, discovered the Harlem Shake. 

 What fun things has your company done for team building?


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