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Zoe Waldron

December 17, 2014


♪ ♫ “Things to share… are you pinning? On the page, pins are glistening… A beautiful ‘site, we’re pinning tonight. Pinning in a winter wonderland.” ♪ ♫

Check out these 50+ great, festive boards from some of our HelloSociety Pinterest influencers covering winter inspiration, holiday recipes, NYE ideas, and more!

1. Bright.Bazaar / — Happy.Holidays
2. Mai Spy — Holidays
3. Theresa L — Joyeux Noël
4. Patrick Welker — Holidays
5. Sarah Kieffer | Vanilla Bean — | holiday baking guide |
6. Erin Freedman – Holidays at Home
7. Kristen Gage — Holidays
8. Erin Dollar – Winter Holidays
9. Keegan Adriance – The Holidays
10. Celina Bailey — Holiday…
11. Cristina Ramirez — Holidays + Celebrations
12. Beth Kirby {local milk} — w i n t e r
13. Erin Freedman — Winter Holiday Party
14. Lauren Rabadi — Winter Wonderland
15. Holly Ledingham — Dessert Delights
16. Brittany Cozzens — Holiday and all that is Festive
17. Rachel Follett (Lovely Clusters) — Winter
18. Sweet Vanilla Bean — Christmas/Winter/New Years
19. Jen Goemans — holidays & winter


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Zoe Waldron

December 3, 2014


What Pinterest-related goals did you accomplish in 2014? A certain number of followers? Increased average engagement? A regular pinning routine? Higher traffic from Pinterest? Implementing Rich Pins? Optimizing your website for Pinterest?

If you didn’t have specific goals set for 2014 for your Pinterest account and overall strategy, it’d be a smart idea to do that this year. If you did set goals last year – great! Did you reach any or all of your goals? This year, go off of your improvement from last year. Aim to increase your engagement and following by about 200-300%, unless you’re a brand new account – then you can obviously set the bar higher. The following guide shares tips on setting your goals for Pinterest for 2015 and how you can easily reach (or surpass!) them.

Start with focusing on your #1 goal for 2015. Do you care most about reaching a certain number of followers, increasing overall engagement, increasing sales, or getting more website traffic? Choose one and follow those steps first. Make sure you’re regularly tracking your engagement, following, traffic, and sales to keep tabs on your improvement. Start with checking out your Pinterest Analytics or even just use a spreadsheet to log your following weekly if that’s your main focus. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

November 5, 2014


6 misconceptions pinterest.jpg

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.21.39 AM.png

- This is something I see a lot of brands doing. They don’t have a lot of images besides product shots so they upload a ton of Instagram images hoping they’ll perform well. Although sometimes Instagram images do fine, I never support more than a few here and there. The square sizing doesn’t show up as large as it could and needs to be optimized. If image is too blurry – don’t bother.

- How to optimize? Simply crop to be more vertical (narrow) and test pin to make sure it shows up clearly when clicked.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.22.22 AM.png

- No, it’s best to stick to 20-25% brand images or 1 out of every 4 or 5 pins (also known as the 20/80 rule). Too many branded images leads to loss of followers. I usually aim to pin in a constant rotation of categories to keep it fresh (although with the new Smart Feed this is a little less important). Pin a recipe, then a beauty tip, then a photo of a beautiful beach, then your product, then a DIY, then a home decor idea, etc…

- By sharing branded images next to beautiful, inspirational imagery, it sets the scene and helps promote sales and higher engagement. Looking for an example? Check out Madewell’s paris / j’adore board. A poor example is the Kohl’s board below.

Kohls Shot.jpg

Kohls’ Falling for Autumn board is trying to incorporate products and inspirational images, but needs to follow the 20/80 rule! They’re doing more of an 80/20 rule. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

October 29, 2014


Content Creation 2.jpg

On Pinterest, brands want to have great engagement with their images, which leads to high traffic and sales, but many don’t have the resources to take additional photos of their products and make sure they’re optimized for Pinterest or aren’t sure what images will work best.

If your brand wants great content and engagement on Pinterest, consider reaching out to fashion bloggers, photographers, and all-around influential people to be the voice and look of your brand on Pinterest. HelloSociety’s talented and top-followed Pinterest influencers have strong photography and styling skills, the highest Pinterest followings, their own specific niches, and loyal and passionate followings. The content they create is linked to the brands’ products with unique, eye-catching looks to ensure you reach your goals for the platform.

Below, I’ve compared examples of great images and poor images for Pinterest and explain what makes those successful images great and what should be avoided. I hope this will make it more clear about what kinds of brand images you should be aiming for on Pinterest specifically and to remind you of how powerful bloggers’ and influencers’ voices can be.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 6.17.46 PM.png

Example: 10-Minute Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal from Two Healthy Kitchens. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

October 22, 2014


Marketing to men on Pinterest 3.jpgMany male-focused brands may hesitate to jump onto the Pinterest bandwagon because they’ve heard stats on Pinterest’s lack of male users. Yes, Pinterest’s users are mostly comprised of women, with about 80% of users being women, an estimated 92% of all pins made by women, and 15x more pins made by women than men, according to a recent study by RJMetrics. Flipping this data, seeing that only 20% of Pinterest users are men, only 8% of pins made are from men, and men make 15x less pins than women, makes it sound even less promising.

Although these numbers make it seem like there isn’t much of a male presence on Pinterest, 20% of the estimated 70 million+ Pinterest users still leaves 14 million+ male users you can reach. Also, just because male users aren’t necessarily pinning, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still regularly browsing the platform, shopping on the platform, or pinning to secret boards. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

October 15, 2014


Pin Business Account.jpg

Would you like to see your most-repinned pins? Are you interested in seeing which of your Pinterest boards gets the most clicks? Want to know which topics your followers are most interested in? Curious about impressions on your pins? Get a Pinterest business account.

Whether you are a large business or not, it’s beneficial for anyone (small businesses, entrepreneurs, Etsy shop owners, bloggers, etc…) to switch. Why? Pinterest’s new analytics! These much-improved analytics released in late August, are full of so much more information than the previous analytics, it’s a great idea to switch over.

Now you can analyze stats on your pins, boards, group boards you’re active on, followers’ demographics, followers’ interests, followers’ activity, and your website content, with the ability to isolate data by dates and devices, and the ability to download data onto a spreadsheet.

Want to learn how to switch to a business account or set up a new one? Follow these steps.

A quick overview of some awesome aspects of Pinterest analytics for business accounts.

Analyze top-performing pins from any source.

          1. See your top 50 most-repinned pins.

          2. See your top 50 pins with the highest impressions.

          3. See your pins generating the most click-throughs. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

October 13, 2014


Pinterest's New Smart Feed V7.jpg

In the past few weeks, several pinners have commented that their Pinterest feed has changed, some just slightly and some more drastically. Many have mentioned that their feed is showing one category of pins in large chunks, especially food or fashion pins. We’ve learned that these changes are due to Pinterest’s new smart feed.

What is it?

Pinterest describes it as helping better control and sort the composition of pinners’ home feeds to more accurately reflect what each user cares about. There are three components to their algorithm that populates your smart feed to make sure it is dynamic, relevant, and current.

How does it accomplish this?

The “smart feed worker” assigns scores to rank each pin uploaded or repinned from a user someone follows, Related Pin, or Interest Pin. Next, the “smart feed content generator” takes those scored pins and rearranges them in relation to your interests and by what it sees as quality. No longer does timeliness solely decide the order you see pins on your feed. The “smart feed service” combines new pins with pins that previously appeared in the home feed. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

October 8, 2014


FB Twitter Pinterest 3-4.jpg

The key to a well-followed Pinterest account, besides quality pinning of course, is promotion. A lot of brands and bloggers have significant Facebook and Twitter followings, but don’t promote their pins, boards, or Pinterest profile on those platforms.

What are some creative ways to promote your pins, boards and Pinterest profile using Twitter and Facebook? It’s definitely not having it set to automatically tweet every time you pin. The following list shares seven ways that brands and bloggers can promote their Pinterest to improve awareness and engagement through higher repins, higher sales, and a growing Pinterest following.

1. Share on Facebook and Twitter when you create a new board.

          – Make sure the new board is fairly well-established with at least 30 pins shared.  (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

September 24, 2014


Website Optimized 2.jpg

1.  Implement the traditional Pin It button AND a Hover Pin It button

The traditional Pin It button is important, especially for those who usually pin on mobile since the hover button wouldn’t work. It makes it even easier to share on Pinterest.

Also, now that iOS8 has a built-in Pin It button on the iPhone, this makes it even more convenient for readers to pin your content – all they have to do is press share and pin!

2014091703 (1).png

Pinterest’s new ‘share’ button directly in iOS8, via Pinterest’s Blog.

2.  Get Rich Pins (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

September 18, 2014


Anthropologie Case Study 2.jpg

Anthropologie is a women’s retail store with a variety of beautiful curated goods including everything from clothing to home decor and bedding, to kitchen utensils, jewelry and books. What makes Anthropologie unique is its regular addition of goods from various artists and designers.

With 58 boards and over 5k pins, Anthropologie has been able to curate beautiful boards with creative themes that match the feel of their stores effectively. They’ve also hosted multiple Pinterest contests to help spread awareness and gain followers.

In comparison to their competitors, Anthropologie is leading the way with 488k Pinterest followers and growing fast. Free People (Anthropologie’s sister company) is second with 344k followers, Urban Outfitters (it’s sister company) has 171k followers, and BHLDN (it’s sister company) has 141k, J.Crew has 157k, Gap has 79k, Madewell has 76k, Bloomingdales has 74k, and Banana Republic has 24k followers.

The following case study shares what Anthropologie is doing right, what could be improved on, and pros and cons to their overall Pinterest strategy.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 3.45.22 PM.png

What Anthropologie is doing right (more…)

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