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Zoe Waldron

April 17, 2014


Lululemon Case Study 3.jpg

Lululemon has more followers on Pinterest than Facebook and Twitter followers combined. As one of the top-followed brands on Pinterest and one of the top-followed accounts focused on the fitness and health category, Lululemon has approached Pinterest with creativity and consistency. In comparison to its competitors, Lululemon is dominating Pinterest. Nike Women (36K followers), Lorna Jane (32K followers), Athleta (13K followers), Underarmour (1K followers), and lucy Activewear (1K followers) are nowhere near their following. Lululemon’s beautiful aesthetic and focus on fitness and healthy living has earned them over 1.9 million Pinterest followers!

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 1.46.14 PM.png

What Lululemon is doing right (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

April 9, 2014


Secret Boards.jpg

The ability to secretly bookmark and organize pins onto secret Pinterest boards is a terrific feature that a lot of brands and pinners still aren’t taking full advantage of. Although many pinners have a few secret boards created at the moment, there are a lot of creative secret boards many people on Pinterest could really benefit from having. Secret boards allow you to bookmark and organize pins without spamming your followers or giving away surprises, gifts, details to events, or anything personal you’d rather not share with the world. You can plan a surprise party for your sister, get inspired for the details of your upcoming wedding, or find and pin the perfect gifts for your parents for their anniversary.

Secret boards are also especially great for people entering Pinterest contests. You can create a Pinterest board for a contest secretly so you aren’t spamming your followers with content all at once, and then make it public after making sure it’s perfect. Now that Pinterest recently announced that the number of secret boards you can have is unlimited, the possibilities with secret boards are truly limitless. The following two lists share ways both brands and pinners can utilize secret boards. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

April 2, 2014


10 Brands.jpg

Variety is key for brands on Pinterest. Brands that only pin onto boards around their content or category of products aren’t utilizing Pinterest as well as they could. A brand’s followers choose to follow them because they enjoy that product or service, want to learn more about those products, or relate to the pins shared on the brand’s account. Those followers also want to be able to go to a brand’s Pinterest account for inspiration for a wide variety of interests and topics, not just to see great clothes, for example. Think of Pinterest as a one-stop inspiration spot where followers can get inspired in all aspects of their lives through pins around DIY, beauty, fitness, travel, photography, recipes, party planning and your products and exclusive brand content. Below I’ve listed ten vital board categories that all brands should have.

1. A lifestyle board

This board will speak to the kind of consumers the brand is targeting. Have a board dedicated to painting a picture of what your consumers do, where they go, with a lot of great photography pins to add emotion and life behind the board’s story. You can pin some products onto this board, but keep it minimal. We recommend no more than one product pin per every 5 pins. Share pins that are optimized for Pinterest (vertical and bright is usually better), fun, beautiful, and brand-aligned. For example: a beautiful and inspired camping board for REI.

Example boards

Madewell’s Paris travel & lifestyle board

J.Crew’s Surf Life lifestyle board (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

March 26, 2014


Chobani Case Study.jpg

Food & Drink is one of the most popular categories on Pinterest. As a food brand on Pinterest, Chobani has done a great job at incorporating recipes with brand lifestyle and inspirational pins. Chobani currently has over 8,000 pins, over 200 likes, and 25 boards, with 15 of those boards being recipe boards. Chobani, in comparison to its competitors, is dominating Pinterest, but could increase their Pinterest following and interaction even more if they took some extra steps to promoting their account, like sharing pins on Facebook and having Pinterest-optimized recipe images on their website. On Pinterest, Chobani shares a variety of recipes, inspirational quotes, fitness pins, how-tos, DIYs, video pins, and more. Chobani currently has earned over 108K Pinterest followers.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 4.35.08 PM.png

What Chobani is doing right (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

March 19, 2014


7 Bloggers Know.jpg

It’s important for bloggers to optimize their content for Pinterest, since Pinterest is such a significant source of traffic for many bloggers out there. Problem is, a lot of bloggers still aren’t doing everything they can to fully optimize their content for Pinterest. This blog post can be used as a checklist to make sure your blog content is Pinterest-friendly and fully optimized to increase repins and likes, awareness, followers, and traffic!

All of these pin & board examples are from bloggers in the HelloSociety network.

1) An exclusive blog-content board

Bloggers should all have a board on the first row of their Pinterest accounts dedicated to their blog content only. It’s even better if that board shares Pinterest-exclusive photos and behind-the-scenes looks that aren’t featured on your other social media sites or blog to keep your followers coming back for more!

Examples: Jennifer Haber Fishkind’s Princess Pinky Girl blog content board & Megan Gilger’s The Fresh Exchange blog content board. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

March 12, 2014


LLBean Case Study.jpg

Since the end of 2012, L.L.Bean has had more Pinterest followers than any other brand on Pinterest. With over 5.4 million followers, L.L.Bean has earned a strong following, most likely due to one of their boards going viral. Recently though, they’ve been slowly but steadily losing followers. Why? Most likely due to Pinterest’s crackdown on fake and spam accounts, as well as L.L.Bean’s inconsistent pinning and lack of promoting their profile. So how did L.L.Bean get so many followers on Pinterest in the first place?

L.L.Bean’s most-followed board, Woodland Creatures, is their claim to fame with over 4.4M followers. This board went viral which quickly increased their following across all boards. This board shares cute animal pins and contains none of their products. Their Camping board also has over 1.2M followers which follows their brand’s lifestyle focus of the outdoors. With 30 boards and over 1,400 pins, L.L.Bean has tested the waters with Pinterest and has been very fortunate. They share a variety of lifestyle pins, outdoors inspirations, clothing, catalog covers, animals, products, and more.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 6.37.50 PM.png

What L.L.Bean is doing right (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

March 5, 2014


Pinterest Hackers.jpg

My personal Pinterest account was hacked last month. In the past 6 months, Pinterest spam and account hacking has appeared to increase significantly. The main reason people’s accounts are getting hacked? Hackers are realizing the huge potential for reach on Pinterest and people’s passwords are either too easy, or they use the same password for most of their accounts and one of their other accounts has been compromised in the past. SplashData released a list of the top 25 most common passwords for 2013. Is your Pinterest password on this list? The best way to avoid getting hacked is to make your password strong. If you ever believe your Pinterest may have been hacked, change your password immediately.

pinterest_hacked-520x354.pngPhoto via TheNextWeb

Your account is definitely hacked, now what?!

          1) Login. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

February 26, 2014


Nordstrom has more Pinterest followers than Facebook and Twitter followers combined! Nordstrom is the third most-followed brand on Pinterest behind L.L.Bean and Jetsetter but is considered by many, one of the most successful brands on Pinterest because of its high following, in-store ‘Popular on Pinterest’ tags, consistent pinning, variety of boards, and regular promotion of its Pinterest on its other social media platforms and via email. With 64 boards and over 13,000 pins, Nordstrom shares a variety of products, styling inspirations, beautiful images, travel ideas, and more on it’s widely-followed Pinterest account. Nordstrom’s collections of products and groundbreaking in-store Pinterest product tags on top pins has earned them over 4.4M Pinterest followers!

What Nordstrom is doing right (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

February 19, 2014


Now that more brands are jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon, all companies on Pinterest need to make the extra effort to stand out and stay top of mind with consumers. Target’s Pinterest account is a good example of a major brand thinking outside the box. On Pinterest, Target shares a variety of products, home decor ideas, recipes, holiday inspiration, and more on unique Pinterest boards and through collaborations with designers and bloggers. With 49 boards and over 6,000 pins, Target’s Pinterest is well-tailored to its main audience, it’s customers, and takes a creative approach in engagement while tying together the in-store Target experience. Target’s ability to incorporate its products within unique and interesting Pinterest board topics has earned them over 146K Pinterest followers, but with over 2 million Facebook followers, Target’s Pinterest strategy still has a lot of room for improvement.


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Zoe Waldron

February 12, 2014


Pinterest announced their updated contest guidelines last October, yet a lot of brands, big and small, are still breaking multiple rules when running Pinterest contests. By following Pinterest’s contest rules, your brand is helping everyone on Pinterest have a positive experience by giving entrants the freedom to pin the stuff they genuinely like, which means that you’re providing the most authentic experience to your fans (and their followers) as possible. Also, without too many restrictions and rules, more people are likely to enter, so your Pinterest account will gain more followers and exposure. Everyone wins!

Below, we’ve listed the top five rules that are most important — and most often broken! — and explain how to go about making sure your brand’s next Pinterest contest follows Pinterest’s updated guidelines.

5 major Pinterest contest regulations:

     #1 – Don’t call your contest “Pin To Win.” (more…)

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