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Zoe Waldron

March 18, 2015


As visual platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr are proven as more and more influential to sales, the product images these brands are taking are getting better catered to each platform. But the number of big brands that have generic, small, overly-promotional images is still very high. By taking the time to change up how your business’ products are photographed and presented, the perception of product quality can be improved with a few simple changes. So what can brands do to improve their content to perform better on social media? What social media accounts are great examples of beautiful imagery on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr?

For Pinterest

When a company has hundreds to thousands of products to photograph, styling each one in a unique setting usually isn’t realistic. By simply changing the color of the background from plain white to off white or another color, the products will instantly stand out on Pinterest. Brands need to make sure their product photos are taken vertically, or edited to be presented vertically – it will be hugely impactful for Pinterest performance.

See Cos as a good example. Their products are shot against an off-white background. Just the small difference of adding a unique color behind their products makes them stand out more on Pinterest. Their photos are also all vertical and have nice proportions of product size to background space. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

March 4, 2015


The current state of the social media world is ever changing with new technologies, platforms, and apps being created every month. I just returned to Los Angeles after a week in New York City at Social Media Week New York on behalf of HelloSociety. We are a social marketing agency focusing on content creation with an exclusive influencer network of over 300, from all over the world. Each with their own niche, with categories and psychographics spread all across the board. The week was filled with panels, keynotes, and networking events where the top agencies, brand managers, influencers, speakers, and startups joined to talk about the hottest new technologies, trends, and tips for making the biggest impression on each social network. The following are recurring trends I noticed as well as tips from speakers and other attendees I met in the social media world around how to make the most out of your social strategy.


Before posting anything socially, ask yourself these two questions about your target audience:

“Would they care?”
“Would they share?”

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Zoe Waldron

February 19, 2015


Anyone can take a photograph and upload it to Pinterest. A content creator knows how to style a shoot for Pinterest, what lighting works best, and tricks like adding text and stacking images to make those ‘wow’ pins that grab a viewer’s attention while they are quickly scanning their feed. The following guide shares tricks to becoming a master at content creation for Pinterest in no time!

Getting the Lighting Right

Tricks To Getting Good Lighting With and Without Natural Light:

With light

– If direct sunlight is coming through the window, cover the window with a light white sheet or shower curtain so the sun’s light isn’t as harsh and looks more soft.
– If the sun isn’t coming in through the window your direction, photograph it in the shade and brighten as necessary.
– Take shots from different angles, shooting against the sun and with the sun.

Without light

– Have a light box or reflector? See some amazing tips from Pinch of Yum here.
– Don’t have a reflector? Learn how to make your own DIY Photo Light Box from Flax & Twine here.

Set Up & Showing Steps (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

February 11, 2015



Little-Known Features

1. You can share Pins on Twitter.

It will tweet in this format:

2. You can share Pins on Facebook. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

February 4, 2015


There are a lot of articles that say, “Which should you pick to use for your business? Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest, etc…” The majority of brands shouldn’t be asking ‘which?’ but focusing on ‘how.’ Most businesses should have a presence on all major social platforms in hopes to reach different markets. If you’re starting your own small business or managing a major brand’s social strategy, don’t choose one social platform over another, learn how to use each best to increase engagement and reach different markets effectively. If there truly is a limit to which platforms your business can commit to, then I hope this post will explain why Pinterest needs to be on that ‘must have’ list.


Pinterest has one of the most unique majority audiences in the social media world: adult women of all ages with a college degree and a high household income. Did you know that women generally have stronger purchasing power than men? An article by Digital Sherpa shares that ‘85% of purchases and purchase influences are made by women.’ Since Pinterest is so well-designed for sales with pins all attached to links, the platform makes it easy for pinners to turn into shoppers, even if they originally didn’t have the intention to buy anything.


Primary Users
- 28% of internet users in US

– Women
– 18-64
– Graduated college
– Household income of $75k+
– Across regions/neighborhoods

It’s been estimated that Pinterest has well over 70 million users. Monthly active users has not been confirmed. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

January 21, 2015


Are you hoping to double your Pinterest following in 2015? What about triple, quadruple, or even increase by 10x? It’s not as hard as you’d think to increase your Pinterest following quickly and effectively. All it takes is some planning, quality pinning, profile optimization, and creativity. Follow these steps to get you to your goal in a year (or less!).

As you can see below, we introduce a new recommended step each month for you to implement, and ask that you continue to practice all of the previous steps while adding the new ones. Become a Pinterest master by month 12. You’ll be doing these 11 steps regularly without thinking twice!

– Aim to pin 15-25 times, spaced throughout the day, every day. Add pin descriptions that include relevant keywords and positive adjectives, but don’t overstuff them in. It should sound conversational and uplifting.

Example Pin: “I want this gorgeous blue dress from ModCloth. Classic chic! Perfect for a weekend brunch or a date night.” (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

January 7, 2015


As a social media manager of brands’ Pinterest accounts along with my own personal account, I see the delicate balance between what a company wants to share as a business to reach their sales goals and what content I want to see as an online shopper and avid Pinner. There is a perfect harmony of inspiration and promotion. By inspiring with a promotion, a brand is able to send its message while engaging with consumers in a fun, organic way. When a brand is able to get into their ideal daily Pinning routine down, it means better engagement, a higher following, more sales, increased brand awareness, and all-around stronger brand-consumer relationships.

The following ten goals share what bloggers and brands should keep in mind this year to improve their overall Pinterest strategy, why it’s important, how they can reach their goals, if not exceed them, along with great examples to make it clear.

Rule 1: Establish Community

One of the best ways to connect with potential customers is by creating brand ambassadors to spread the word. Group boards are a fun way to connect and engage with fans while making them Pin-bassadors. Not only that, it’s an awesome for social media manager that don’t Pin as much as they should to still have an active account (their followers see all Pins shared on a group board) and they’ll gain followers and engagement without doing any of the work. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

December 31, 2014


A big issue many brands face is that their blog content and product images aren’t optimized or ideal for the Pinterest platform. The following list shares six ways brands can make their images ideal for getting high engagement on Pinterest when their images are horizontal, too plain, or even if they don’t have any content at all.

Improve Horizontal Images

1. Crop To Be Vertical

If your site has horizontal images, the first thing you should always ask yourself is: Can this be optimized with cropping? Images should be vertical for optimal engagement. If you have Photoshop, aim for 720 x 1200 pixels for smaller product shots or simple images. For busier images, you can go down to 500 x 833 pixels. The very minimum size I’ll ever do is 400 pixels wide.

I just created this taller, optimized version (right) of this necklace’s original pin size (left) from J.Crew. From start to finish it took me about 30 seconds total to do and would grab a lot more attention than the original. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

December 24, 2014


Whether your resolution for 2015 is complex or simple, around health or family, or even just around being a better person overall, Pinterest is a great place to start. You have the ability to create a board and ask questions for support from fellow pinners, or make a secret board to get inspired with privacy. The following guide shares how you can narrow down your goals, gives you resources on how you can reach them, all with infinite inspiration to help you get there.

1. Commit to up to 10 resolutions for 2015.

*Feel free to save this and print it for when making your resolutions!

2. Create a board for each resolution (or one board for all resolutions). (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

December 17, 2014


♪ ♫ “Things to share… are you pinning? On the page, pins are glistening… A beautiful ‘site, we’re pinning tonight. Pinning in a winter wonderland.” ♪ ♫

Check out these 50+ great, festive boards from some of our HelloSociety Pinterest influencers covering winter inspiration, holiday recipes, NYE ideas, and more!

1. Bright.Bazaar / — Happy.Holidays
2. Mai Spy — Holidays
3. Theresa L — Joyeux Noël
4. Patrick Welker — Holidays
5. Sarah Kieffer | Vanilla Bean — | holiday baking guide |
6. Erin Freedman – Holidays at Home
7. Kristen Gage — Holidays
8. Erin Dollar – Winter Holidays
9. Keegan Adriance – The Holidays
10. Celina Bailey — Holiday…
11. Cristina Ramirez — Holidays + Celebrations
12. Beth Kirby {local milk} — w i n t e r
13. Erin Freedman — Winter Holiday Party
14. Lauren Rabadi — Winter Wonderland
15. Holly Ledingham — Dessert Delights
16. Brittany Cozzens — Holiday and all that is Festive
17. Rachel Follett (Lovely Clusters) — Winter
18. Sweet Vanilla Bean — Christmas/Winter/New Years
19. Jen Goemans — holidays & winter


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