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Zoe Waldron

December 11, 2013


With Christmas quickly approaching, now is the time for brands to stand out against the crowd. This month, people are using Pinterest specifically for holiday inspiration, gift shopping, and for creating and sharing wishlists more than ever before. Users recently reported that Pinterest helps make holidays less stressful. 74 percent of people surveyed relied on Pinterest for gift ideas and 43 percent of pinners surveyed had a board dedicated to the holidays, according to Lab42. With this huge opportunity for increased reach and sales, brands have to be creative when promoting their Pinterest accounts and products for pinning. Below are three brands setting great examples for how to stand out on Pinterest.

Target’s new microsite: Target Awesome Shop

Target’s new ‘Awesome Shop’ shares their top pinned items. Users are able to search categories to find the top pinned items in the product category they’re looking for. They can also pin directly from the site allowing people to share their favorites as well!

– Read more about it here on TechCrunch

Target’s Best.Party.Ever campaign with David Stark

Target premiered their Best.Party.Ever campaign in mid-November. Pinterest users were asked to make a secret board, invite Target, and answer a few questions. A few special pinners were chosen by David Stark and his team who added pins to that board curated especially for them. A personalized holiday party catered to a person’s favorite colors, styles, and party themes from the brand directly? Very creative! See examples of boards here.

Read more about it on Target’s blog, A Bullseye View.


J.Crew’s Pinterest-Exclusive Style Guide Catalogs:

J.Crew’s style guide catalogs have been a huge success from the start. By pinning new featured catalog items on Pinterest exclusively and allowing the Pinterest community to pre-order items before the mailed catalogs were released, the buzz around J.Crew on Pinterest has made them top of mind for holiday shoppers.

Many pins from J.Crew’s September, October, November, December and Holiday Gift Style Guides have gone viral.

– Read more about it here on Bloomberg Businessweek and here on Mashable.


Nordstrom’s new in-store app for in-store top pinned items:

Nordstrom is now notorious for their strong presence on Pinterest. By creating a Top Pins board and by highlighting “popular on Pinterest” items in their stores, other brands are quickly following suit after their success. Nordstrom followed J.Crew’s footsteps by pinning their newest catalog on Pinterest. Nordstrom’s newest announcement regarding Pinterest is their upcoming in-store app, for certain stores, that will match current in-store items with popular Pinterest picks.

– Read more about it here on Business Insider

What other brands are doing a great job on Pinterest? Comment below!

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