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Kyla Brennan

December 28, 2013


Instructographics (a fancy new buzzword for an infographic with instructions) are one of the best ways you can engage potential customers on Pinterest. In this series, we take a look at 4 examples that are perfect for Pinterest, what makes them so successful and how you can apply these principles to your company’s own instructographics for optimal virality.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 12.38.15 PMNastyNails: Nail Art Kits

In the last few years nail art has gone from a niche within the beauty industry to mainstream, so it’s no surprise that nail designs also happen to be one of the most popular topics on Pinterest. Los Angeles based NastyNails has really hit the nail on the head with their series of nail art instructographics. Already among the most-pinned nail art images are their DIY tutorials that demonstrate how to decorate nails in everything from lace to leopard to ombre and everything in between. These simple step-by-step nail art instructographics very colorfully and stylishly illustrate:

  • The finished look.
  • The 5 easy how-to steps.
  • The NastyNails products needed to achieve the look.

Another reason Nasty Nail images have a high virality rate on Pinterest is the fact that they seamlessly incorporate what they sell in a way that comes across as beneficial and convenient to consumers – pinners can easily see that not only are their graphics a helpful DIY tutorial, but that they can actually get everything they need for the nail looks they like in one place. This results in an “ooh, I want that!” moment, rather than “ugh, I’m being sold something.”

To take their instructographic a step further and perhaps to increase click through rates and sales, NastyNails could brand their images with their name/logo and subtle call to action. This would let pinners know not only the products needed but where they can purchase the nail art kits at a quick glance.


  • Fun, catchy names for your images and boards that use key words help you target market and increase your social search – like Ombre Overdose Nail Art, which uses the Pinterest popular search terms Ombre and Nail Art. 
  • If doing a DIY/how-to clearly layout what products are needed for the project. This strategy subtly educates consumers and is a great way to increase shopping cart totals.
  • Be sure to clearly brand your images so that pinners know where they can purchase the products. This is an easy way to increase site traffic through branding on Pinterest and get more leverage from repins.

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