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Mindy Hu

December 1, 2013


Brittany Cozzens-Temple University-Advertising-PinterestBrittany Cozzens is a freshman at Temple University in Philadelphia, majoring in Advertising. She is excited by the little things in life — candy, funny videos,  tattoos and cute animals. Her quirky personality and style have helped her build a following of 3M+ on Pinterest making her one of the youngest and most influential tastemakers.  

We recently had the chance to chat with her about how Pinterest has broadened her view on advertising, what she hopes to do after college, and what her and the co-founder of Pinterest share in common.


You’re currently a student at Temple University – what made you decide to study Advertising?

I’ve always loved looking at billboard and print ads, so when the opportunity to take some graphic design classes as electives in high school came up, I jumped at it. My boyfriend’s sister-in-law (Malynda Resh — you can see her portfolio here) went to SCAD for graphic design and advertising. She became my mentor and played a huge role in me deciding my major.

When did you start using Pinterest? What was it that captured your interest?

I started using Pinterest my junior year of high school. I was introduced to it by my hairdresser who used it all the time to look up different hairstyles. Being an advertising major, I look to Pinterest for design inspiration, to bookmark all my creative finds and soon to house my portfolio. I also use it for style tips, future wedding planning (who doesn’t do that?!) and, if I am having a rough day, to look at pictures of cute animals.  

Were other students at your high school using Pinterest?

Not a lot of people were using Pinterest when I started. I think that changed when the local news talked about how Evan Sharp, one of the founders of Pinterest graduated from my high school.

What do you think of Pinterest as an advertising platform? Do you have any advice to advertisers who are trying to build a presence on Pinterest?

I’m so used to thinking of advertising in the form of commercials, print ads or billboards, because that’s what we mostly talk about in class. Surprisingly, we don’t really discuss advertising on social media sites. People don’t necessarily realize that when they’re pinning or liking things, that they’re endorsing or creating brand awareness on a larger scale.

My advice to brands looking to advertise on Pinterest — be creative! Since Pinterest is such a visual platform showcase the products being used in real scenarios and not just displayed by itself. When photographing products for your website take into consideration aesthetic appeal that pinners would appreciate.

Your most followed Pinterest board is your “Tattoos and Trends” board – What are some of your favorite trends on Pinterest? Any favorite tattoos?

I discovered a lace armband tattoo on Pinterest and it is by far my favorite! I’ve noticed that watercolor and ombre tattoos are really popular right now. It’s crazy to think that kind of tattoo is even possible. Other trends I’m loving on Pinterest are quirky signs and retro designs, awesome ornate jewelry and DIY barnyard weddings.

Image via designspiration.net

Image via designspiration.net

What do you think is the best thing about being a tastemaker?

What I like most about being a tastemaker is helping create and introduce people to trends. I love that I get to work with cool brands and I like feeling that I’ve had some sort of impact on smaller shops — like the ones on Etsy — where people are trying to make their small business grow. Of course, working with bigger brands is always fun.

You have 3M+ followers on Pinterest, any tips for others on how to grow their following?

Keep your style consistent. Remember people are following you for a reason. You’re not just pinning for yourself anymore, you’re curating for your followers too.

You’re graduating in a few years- what’s your dream job / company?

I live in the city now and I love it but I’m a country girl at heart. Being close to Nashville would be the best of both worlds for me. I would love to someday work at ST8MNT Brand Agency in Brentwood, TN. I really admire their  work and I am always looking to them for inspiration. They work with such cool clients too! They just did Taylor Swift’s RED album and they do stuff for National Geographic Channel and CMT too.

If you would like to keep up with Brittany and her budding career in advertising you can follow her on Pinterest here and visit her website/online portfolio here.


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