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January 20, 2014


Heather Mann is a DIY and crafts blogger from Salem, Oregon. She’s a mom of three little boys with another boy due in February. Heather is a full-time professional blogger (DollarStoreCrafts.com and CraftFail.com), book author (CraftFail, coming out this year), and partner in a social media marketing company (BlueprintSocial.com). Heather’s passion for blogging and crafts has inspired millions of readers. One of her favorite things to do, when she’s not blogging or pinning, is crafting with kids and teens by volunteering at her sons’ schools and with teen girls in her area. Heather’s creative and inspiring DIY pins and keen eye for home decor and creativity has earned her over 121K Pinterest followers!


When did you start using Pinterest and what inspired you to make an account?

I started using Pinterest early in 2011 as a way to collect craft and home decor ideas and also to share my own ideas from my craft blog.

Pinterest really helps me gauge my own taste — I have never been that confident in defining my own personal style and likes, but when I see everything gathered together on a single pinboard, I can identify the common things that add up to “my style.” Pinterest has been a really helpful tool for getting to know myself better!

You have gained over 121K followers! Wow, very impressive! So what makes your Pinterest unique?

I am an innovation junkie, so I try to pin things that make me say “wow!” I focus on craft ideas, and my website is craft-centric, so all my blog followers are looking to me for cool craft ideas. A lot of them have followed me to Pinterest from my blog.

Are you from Salem, Oregon originally? If not, where? What do you like about it there?

I’m from Portland, Oregon, which is only an hour north of Salem, but it’s so different! I like that Salem is a small city with a bootstrapping indie feel, surrounded by agriculture. I can go to a different farm every month of the year and pick my own produce. I consider myself a Portlander, but I have definitely learned to appreciate Salem for its own charms.

What are your favorite places you’ve traveled to?

I used to travel for a previous career, so I spent time in different cities all across the USA. I love the big cities in the country, like San Francisco, New York, and Washington, DC, but there are some smaller places that are really charming as well. Three of my favorites are in the Southwest: Santa Fe, New Mexico; Prescott, Arizona; and Moab, Utah. I haven’t done much international travel, but I did enjoy visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico and swimming in the ocean in St. Thomas.

What are your favorite Pinterest boards to pin onto and why?

My most frequently pinned board has to be Clever Crafts. I put every good craft idea I come across on that board! I also go virtual shoe shopping on my Fashion: Shoes board, since I only have so much space in actual closet.

Your group board Dollar Store Crafts and group board, with Mod Podge Rocks, Decor Hacks both have amazing DIY inspirations! Tell us more about these boards and why you made them!

My most popular board has to be Dollar Store Crafts because it accompanies my website, and also because so many people are making great dollar store crafts these days. I have to collect them all on my board! And the Decor Hacks board goes with my site DecorHacks.com, and the focus is very specific: clever DIY home ideas with an emphasis on practicality, design, and value!

Dollar Store Crafts’ DIY Beaded Chandelier

What is your Pinterest aesthetic or style?

I’m pretty eclectic in tastes, but I try to give each board a specific focus and organize them so I can keep track of what I’m pinning. If it’s cheap, clever, or crafty, I’m more likely to pin it.

Tell us more about your passion for crafts and blogging! (when did you first start doing DIYs, start getting serious about crafts & blogging, etc?)

I grew up crafting, but I didn’t really figure out that I was crafty until college. It was always just something I did! I was always a writer, starting in grade school, and through to high school and college journalism. I started blogging in 2001, when I hand-coded my own blog in html every day. I started sharing my crafts then, but only to a few readers (my family – I doubt anyone else was reading!).

I got lots of practice blogging every day, and eventually I figured out that having a dedicated blog just for crafts made a lot of sense, so I started Dollar Store Crafts in 2008. It was right when the economy started to get tough, so my topic, cool crafts on a dollar store budget, really caught on with a lot of people.

Tell us more about Dollar Store Crafts!

Dollar Store Crafts is all about cool crafts on a budget, with a focus on using stuff you can get at the dollar store. We create all kinds of fun projects, from jewelry to home decor (my most-pinned project ever has received over 2 million views) to holiday crafts and home hacks.

Heather’s most-popular post of all time

How has Pinterest helped your blogs and blogs’ content get more exposure? Any specific examples?

My blog was well-trafficked before Pinterest, but it really blew up once Pinterest gained popularity. Over 50% of my visitors every day click through from Pinterest. My most popular post of all time has received 2.3 million pageviews, and almost all of them have come from Pinterest. I get about 5,000 page views a day just from that one post.

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

I love what I do, and I am happy to craft and blog! If I could make stuff every day, take pictures of it and share it with others, I’d be a happy girl. I just hope I get to keep doing this as long as I’m capable.

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