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Zoe Waldron

January 27, 2014


Jenny Flake is a talented food blogger from Mesa, Arizona! Her blog, Picky Palate, shares her passion for cooking and writing her own recipes, her experiences at food and blogger conferences, her family’s adventures, as well as giveaways and helpful reviews. Jenny and her family just returned to Arizona after living in Southern California for five years. She has three little boys to keep her busy so when she’s not having fun with them, she can be found cooking, blogging, or pinning for HelloSociety.

Jenny started Picky Palate in 2007 and “absolutely loves” calling her favorite hobby her job. “I feel so lucky to be doing something I enjoy so much.” Jenny’s mouth-watering and recipe pins, her beautiful eye for photography, and her eye-catching blog content has earned her over 142K Pinterest followers!

When did you start using Pinterest and what inspired you to make an account?

I started using Pinterest about a year ago. It seemed like a fun new social media site, so I signed up.

Why do you like Pinterest?

I like Pinterest because it’s a place for me to organize all of my favorite things from A to Z.

You have gained over 142K followers! Wow, very impressive! So what makes your Pinterest unique?

My Pinterest is unique because I love food, but I also love so many other things, so I pin all types of categories.

Tell us more about living in Orange County and Arizona. 

I was born and raised in Arizona, but we lived in Orange County for 5 years. Living in California was some of the best years for sure. We lived walking distance to the beach and we’d visit Disneyland a couple of times a month with the kids. We’ll visit often now that we are back in Arizona.

What are your favorite places you’ve traveled to?

I haven’t been abroad much, but I love islands and beaches most. Southern California and Hawaii are some of my favorites so far.

What are your favorite Pinterest boards to pin onto and why?

I love my “For The Home” board because it’s a place to organize all of the things I find online that would make my dream house. I also love my “Fashion Love” board because I love seeing great outfits and inspiration on things I’d like to purchase.

Your Picky Palate Recipes board and The “Pinspiration” Place group board have amazing collections of recipes! Tell us more about these boards and why you made them!

I love pinning all of the recipes from my blog to my Picky Palate Recipes, so that others can scroll through and see my work! The Pinspiration Place is a great board with some of my favorite bloggers where we can pin anything that we find inspiring.

We love that your blog has Rich Pins! 

I really like that Rich Pins bold my blog titles and makes it easier for pinners to notice my Picky Palate pins. I think it’s a great addition.

What is your Pinterest aesthetic or style?

I’m not sure I have a certain Pinterest style. My Pinterest definitely reflects me, so I’d say colorful, positive and happy!

Tell us more about your passion for cooking and blogging! Tell us more about Picky Palate!

I started writing Picky Palate in October 2007. I had no idea what I was doing on the blog, I just knew I wanted to have a place to share the recipes I was creating. My love of cooking didn’t start until about 2001 when my husband and I got our first new home in Arizona. I realized I didn’t know how to cook anything! I made it my goal for the next year to study and practice cooking. I found during that time, that I really enjoyed it and loved creating my own recipes.

I started entering cooking contests from 2004-2007 and had the best time. I remember winning a pizza contest and I won a Disney World trip for my entire family. I couldn’t believe it. I have lots of fun memories doing cooking contests. I wrote my first cookbook (The Picky Palate Cookbook) which was published in October of 2012. It’s amazing to think of all of the wonderful things I have gotten to do from my blog. I really love my job!

How has Pinterest helped your blog and blog content get more exposure? 

Pinterest has definitely helped my blog get more exposure. Pinterest is my number one traffic source. I am a big fan!

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

I plan on continuing writing Picky Palate and enjoying Pinterest!

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