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September 23, 2013


Keegan Adriance is a talented wedding photographer and loving husband. He was born and raised in Michigan and recently moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife Kelsey. They started their wedding photography business Gentleman & A Lady in 2011 because they “love to be around people in love.” When he’s not shooting weddings, Keegan can be found outdoors camping, fishing, biking, or on a road trip adventure. Because of Keegan’s passion and experience with weddings, sleek aesthetic, and love for all things beautiful and unique, his Pinterest has accumulated over 843,000 Pinterest followers!

When did you start using Pinterest and what drew you to make an account?

I started using Pinterest a couple of years ago back in college. I was an art major and created boards strictly for inspiration for projects I was working on. I had a graphic design board, a couple of photography boards, and a style board. Things kind of just grew from there. I was pumped about having my own apartment so I created some interior space boards. I loved, and continue to love, helping Kels find new clothes so I created a women’s clothing board. She didn’t have her own account so she just looked at mine. From then on I’ve only created boards to further inspire me in every aspect of my life.

Why do you like Pinterest over other social media platforms?

Facebook is awesome for staying connected with friends and keeping up with local businesses. I love Twitter because I feel like I’m literally surrounded by people I look up to and am inspired by. Instagram is the same thing for me; I get the “behind the scenes” of the lives of other photographers and friends and it’s awesome… but those aren’t Pinterest. Pinterest is a collection of my thoughts and passions. I honestly don’t look at many other people’s boards. Pinterest was solely to organize my own inspiration and still is. I’m not the most organized person, but I can’t even begin to imagine what my life would be like without the help of Pinterest.

You have gained over 842,000 followers. Very cool! So what makes your Pinterest unique?

I’ve asked myself that question ever since my account hit 100,000 followers. My friends back in college would update me every time I gained 1000 new followers. I acquired the nickname “Mr. Pinterest.” People I didn’t even know would call me that. I think a lot of people, on every social media platform, post content strictly to gain followers. Sometimes it works, but I think most people see right through that. When someone has 20 hashtags on Instagram I unfollow them. Don’t even get me started on viral posts on Facebook. I never wanted people to see my Pinterest as a cry for attention.

Like I said, it was for me. Yet in that, I think that’s why people began to follow me. My page is my life and what I want aspects of my life to be. I don’t have cliché quotes or kittens in baby clothes. I don’t have gaudy sports cars or women in bikinis. I think people find relief in inspiration they can actually achieve. I find joy in that. I find joy in opening someone up to something they would have probably never seen otherwise.

Your Pinterest says you’re living in Minneapolis. Have you always lived there? Tell us what it’s like!

We literally just moved here. Our apartment is still full of unpacked boxes. We sure do love it though. Kels and I live in Uptown, which I guess is the “hip” part of the city. Whenever we tell people where we live they either roll their eyes or they get jealous. We honestly had no idea other than it was close to downtown without being downtown, and had decent rent and good food. Minneapolis is great and to me, it’s the perfect size. I grew up not too far from Chicago, so that’s what I always compare it to. It’s like a perfect blend of Chicago and Denver. It has the aesthetics, style, and respect of Chicago, but the size and excitement of Denver. And Target is based out of here. Who doesn’t love Target?

Minneapolis is extremely clean and everyone bikes. Everyone. There are highways specifically for bikes. If you’re from here or have been here you’re probably laughing at how naive I am about the city, but that’s how new I am here. If I ever get sick of the city life, I can head west less than a mile and spend a day at the lake. Really I can go any direction and hit a lake. There are 10,000 here. I grew up in a rural area on a farm, so sometimes I need to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Tell us more about your Pinterest boards. What are your favorite boards to pin on and why?

My favorite boards are the ones that I find the most inspiration in. I love collecting ideas of how I want our apartment to look. I love finding new clothes. I love finding new recipes. My favorite board to pin to at the moment is Weddings.

(Photo by Julian Beattie)

Your Weddings board is really cool! Tell us more about that and how those images inspire you and your work!

I love weddings. Not only do I shoot them, I just love them. I’m from a small town, so I’ve seen a lot of church weddings and rental hall receptions. I’ve seen a lot of tulle. It saddens and scares me. My original purpose for the wedding board was for Kels and my wedding, but it’s turned into wanting to inspire others. Not everyone knows about The Knot or Southern Weddings. Sometimes Pinterest is all they have. Not everyone knows about Green Wedding Shoes or Once Wed. I want to give people creative, simple, beautiful inspiration that they may otherwise never see.

Are any of the pins on your boards your photography?

I used to have a board of my work, but I felt weird about shameless self promotion. I probably shouldn’t have feel weird, but I did. I didn’t create the board until I had over 100,000 followers and it went completely against why I created my account in the first place. On a happy note though, I still find some of my images posted by other users. And I still get plenty of inquiries from my website link on my page.

Tell us more about your photography and how you got started with it

Photography is what I went to college for. I knew I wanted to be a photographer, but I never planned on shooting weddings. It started as a way to make money to pay for school and ended up as a career. Who knew? I fell in love with being surrounded by people who are madly in love. How can you not find joy in that?

(Photo by Louie Abellera)

What are your plans for the future?

I honestly have a dilemma now that we’re in a new state. I have to replant the Gentleman & A Lady brand, which is a lot of work. I love weddings and always will, but I may try my luck at something else. Who knows? I’m only 23, so I have a lot of wiggle room. I also studied graphic design in college and want to get back into it. I love publication layout so I’m toying with the idea of teaming up with some friends and other designers to create our own publication. What about? I have no idea. I want to work for a social good company. I want to build a dune vehicle. I want to learn to weld. There’s a lot I want to do, so my future is pretty unclear. Kels and I are down for wherever life takes us though, so no worries.

(Photo by Louie Abellera)

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