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August 26, 2013


Paul Duncan is an art director in advertising from Hertfordshire, England, just north of London. When he’s not designing for clients, collecting creative inspirations on Pinterest, or working on his favorite hobby – photography – he’s spending time with his family or traveling. His passion for all things creative, shared through his design, photography, travel, and advertising-driven boards, have earned him over 614,000 Pinterest followers!

When did you start using Pinterest and what inspired you to join?

I started using Pinterest from nearly the beginning. I used to have a great desktop app for gathering creative inspiration and I found this incredibly useful for my job, and the hoarder in me enjoyed it too. When Pinterest came along I was instantly interested, since I already had this collection built on my desktop that only I could access. I could see that with Pinterest I could share what inspired me with others and at the same time be inspired by other people’s collections.

Why do you like Pinterest?

The sharing aspect of Pinterest has made it a lot easier to find great inspiration and cool stuff. I follow a broad selection of boards and I like that there is a huge variety of interests and some very niché collections out there. It makes cross disciplinary inspiration much easier to come by.

I’m pretty happy with the current platform, but if I had to suggest improvements it would be the ability to pin one image to multiple boards without duplication. Accreditation can also be an issue on Pinterest. I have tracked back repins occasionally to give credit where it is due. It’s not always that easy though.

You have gained over 613,000 followers. Cool! So what makes your Pinterest unique?

I follow a variety of styles and interests so I think I pick up followers from lots of different areas. My Pinterest account started to go viral after I pinned a couple of cool food creations (Melting Snowman Cookies anyone?!) and from then on my follower numbers just continued to grow. I continued to use it how I normally did, just pinning stuff that I like. I’m a little humbled by it but it’s great to see like-minded people getting enjoyment from the things I pin. Rather than just repinning, I do try to add pins from a variety of sources which hopefully adds a uniqueness to my boards.

Your Pinterest says you’re living in the UK. Do you travel much?

The UK is my home but I’ve always loved discovering new places. My wife and I took a year off to travel around the world back in 2004. We spent a majority of it travelling around Australia which was an amazing experience. We had a used camper van (with a dodgy fuel gauge) and drove it from the east coast to the west, totalling 23,000 km. It made us realise that we should explore more of what is on our doorstep, which is exactly what we try and do now that we have a family. In a few weeks time we are going on a road trip to Scotland to stay in a castle for a few days, which I’m looking forward to.

Tell us more about your Pinterest boards! What are your favorite boards to pin on and why?

My Photography board has to be one of my current favourites to pin to as it’s a medium close to my heart. There are lots of talented photographers out there that I can learn from and be inspired by. I also really enjoy pinning to my Art – Sculpture – Installations board. It’s all about discovering something different and this often helps inspire my work as a designer.

Tell us more about your work as a Designer, Art Director, and Photographer. How did you get into creative work?

At school I was always more interested in the arts and crafts subjects and I didn’t particularly enjoy the academic subjects. So rather than stay on at school and do A-level exams, I went to art college. From there I got my first job working in the heart of Soho, London. Over the last 18 years I’ve worked in a variety of design areas but, due to my love of technology, I’ve always been drawn to digital design. I studied photography too which has always been more of a hobby for me.

How has Pinterest inspired your creative work? Any examples you could share with us?

Pinterest is great when starting a new creative brief. I look to it for inspiration, for creating mood boards or identifying a creative style. This year I added a small amount of my work to Pinterest. My iPhoneography board is home to a selection of photos from my Project 366 whereby I took a photo everyday for the whole of 2012 using an iPhone. This was the second time I completed a self imposed challenge like this and definitely the last. Initially they are fun and exhilarating but soon you find yourself late at night scouring the house struggling to find an interesting object or angle to shoot. However once you finish a project like that and look over the year it’s incredibly satisfying.

What are your plans for the future?

In regards to Pinterest, I plan to upload more pins to iPhoneography and continue to grow my boards with pins that interest me and reflect my style. Beyond the world of pinning, I’ll continue to craft my skills and expand my horizons. I’m also working on getting my Project 366 into a book, which is an ongoing project in itself. But my biggest priority is to spend more time with my family. I have a wonderful wife and two fantastic children that don’t get to see enough of me at the moment.

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