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Zoe Waldron

September 9, 2013


Teodorik Mensl is a graphic designer from Prague, Czech Republic. Teodorik has always been passionate about writing and photography so recently he and a friend cofounded communiqué magazine, which is set to release very soon. Teodorik recently returned from London where he studied photography and new media at a university.

When he’s not working or on Pinterest sharing his inspirations, he can be found DJing at a club in Prague, reading magazines that inspire him, like Offscreen, Apartamento or Monocle; or at his favorite coffee shop with his girlfriend. Teodorik’s passions for travel, design, and reading have earned him over 657,000 Pinterest followers!


When did you start using Pinterest and what drew you to make an account?

I started using Pinterest in 2010 after someone invited me on Twitter, when it was still invite-only. Before Pinterest I just downloaded inspirations to a folder on my computer without captions and I hated it because I could never find ‘who took this photo’ or ‘who made this chair.’ So I started to write captions under my pins and tried to only pin from original sites. I like Pinterest for it’s simplicity and for it’s well-organized boards.

You have gained over 658,000 followers. Very cool! So what makes your Pinterest unique?

My Pinterest is unique because I try to pin from original sites like portfolios, magazines, and blogs which create unique content, not just simply repinning nice photos. Sometimes it’s really hard to find who took a picture or what place the photo is of but Google Images has helped a lot.

Have you always lived in Prague? Tell us what it’s like!

Yes I was born in Prague, which is a middle-sized city in central Europe, but for the past six months my girlfriend and I lived and studied in London. It was a really great experience because of how different the culture is there from what I’m used to. It’s a much larger city and the language was difficult but adventurous in a good way. When I look back I’m really grateful for that and it opened our eyes a lot. We wanted to try living somewhere else after our studies.

What do you like about Europe? Have you traveled much?

I’m lucky in that I’ve spent every summer in the south of Italy with my grandmother since I was little. I love travelling and exploring new culture and I hope I’ll travel much more but this summer was really great for me and it’s not the end of the year yet! We just came home after travelling Barcelona and already started planning our next trip to Holland. I’ve never been in the US but I hope I’ll fix that next year. I must go to New York.

Tell us more about your Pinterest boards. What are your favorite boards to pin on and why?

My boards are based on my interests in real life so I like all of them! If I should pick three of them it would be Travelling Without Moving, Magazines & Books, and Places.

Your Tumblr inspiration site is so cool. Tell us more about that and how those images inspire you.

Thank you. It’s a real opposite of my Pinterest. My Tumblr inspiration is like a drawer or a box of unorganised things and they’re often just reblogs of reblogs. In the beginning of this year, I started a graphic design Tumblr called imnotagraphicdesigner.com. I’m using that for references when I design sites or posters or work with other graphic designers.

Tell us more about your magazine communiqué and how you got started with it!

I’ve always wanted to do something like a magazine. Pinterest or blogs are good but I wanted to do something with articles and original content too. I just had the idea of making paper magazines and I knew I had to do it. With this idea I came to my friend Stas Sipovich who is also a graphic designer and later we founded communiqué magazine. It’s a magazine about people and places where we do interviews with interesting people about cities where they live. We decided to launch an online magazine first and I hope next year we’ll publish it in print.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans are to make my side projects a regular job, have more followers on Pinterest (haha), travel more and finish my university.

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