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Zoe Waldron

November 6, 2013


Zoe Waldron, with Pinterest marketing agency HelloSociety, and Vincent Ng, with MCNG Marketing and Pintalysis, joined together to discuss how Pinterest plays a role in so many people’s lives as they plan for their futures. Whether it be for a future dinner party or a future first child’s nursery, Pinterest can help people prepare for new and exciting things in pinners’ lives. In the following dialogue, we discuss why people use Pinterest and how they use it to plan for upcoming events, using examples from personal experiences.

Thanks for joining me Vincent! Let’s jump right in. So how and why do people use Pinterest for planning? Are they more often planning for things in the near future, like a weekend craft, or in the distant future, like their dream wedding?

Vincent: “I thought it was interesting to see what activities seem to be most prominent so I decided to Google and type in the words “How to use Pinterest for planning,” to see what type of results came up. The clear majority of topics and boards were related to weddings and planning a trip. This seems to be my experience with Pinterest as well. I find it’s not a popular tool for planning near-future events like a weekend craft or upcoming birthday party.”

Zoe: “This is very interesting. I’ve heard of some people pinning as they travel to find unique local spots, but for an event like a wedding, it’s hard to go in without a detailed plan. The only near-future events I have regularly heard of being planned short notice are craft-focused Pinterest parties (which I explain more in this post.)”

Do you think people use Pinterest to visualize their virtual dream life?

Vincent: “I think people use Pinterest to project their dreams and hopes in some way or another. They pin pictures of what their lives could be like. A simple quick search of the word Pinterest and vision board garners 10 million results on Google. Many of the first page results are not how-tos, but actual vision boards by Pinterest users.

All you have to do is search the term “Vision Board” under board searches to realize how many users on Pinterest love using it to visualize their dream life.”

Zoe: “I didn’t realize until a few months ago of how true this is. I believe that Pinterest is a great way to visually manifest your perfect future & goals achieved. My various health goals for 2014 kept coming up on my boards so I decided to make a 2014 goals board to collect them all together. I like to use Pinterest to help motivate me to reach my goals whether they be for the next day, month, year or decade.

One thing I heard from someone new to Pinterest earlier this week was how they saw Pinterest as a very introverted and “me” experience. When someone finds something he/she likes they most likely won’t interact much with the pinner besides adding a comment or occasionally sending that pin to a friend. I find that Pinterest is an introverted experience but after you get off of the platform, you’ll share your findings with friends. Everyone pins differently and for different reasons.”

Vincent: “I think it can be a very introverted experience in the sense that it helps people focus on themselves. And I think that’s a good thing, it’s because people get to share fun parts of themselves without a focus on “selfies.” It’s multiple sides of personalities showing, and I think that’s actually liberating.”

So how is Pinterest motivating people to follow their dreams and feel inspired?

Vincent: “With so much beauty and inspiration on Pinterest it’s hard not to feel motivated to go and do something that moves you towards your dream. I think Pinterest has really opened up a world of what’s possible and what’s not.

It’s allowed people to create their own boards, whether secret or public, about the kind of dreams they want to create. It’s no secret that many of us use Pinterest as a way of creating a vision board, as well as a quick visual reminder of the type of life that we want to create. It’s being able to have those reminders that really motivates us to experience our dreams in real life.”

Zoe: “To me, Pinterest is so much more than just a social media platform. Pinterest holds some of my deepest desires. I have saved pins that make me laugh, ponder life, intrigue me, push me to work harder, and inspire me to be my best self. When I see images of places I want to travel to, clothes I want, words that inspire me, and beautiful pictures, I feel happy and motivated to make my dreams a reality. The important part is acting on those feelings and making them happen.”

Can you share an example of how you, or someone you know, have used Pinterest for a long term goal and achieved it?

Vincent: “It seems like it’s every bride’s story but I remember being the MC of my friend’s wedding. She knew I was very big on Pinterest so she sent me specific pins of how she wanted her wedding. She also used it to plan out what colours of dresses and styles of shoes her bridesmaids would wear. All of those pins and that visual brought a wonderful wedding together. I believe Pinterest really did help bring that dream wedding together, and was able to keep the bride excited and motivated.”

How has Pinterest positively affected your life?

Vincent: “I’ve used Pinterest to help plan out the future trips I want to go on with my girlfriend. We keep our boards secret and we use Pinterest to share our dreams and hopes of the places we would like to go. She would love to go to Bali, and I would love to go to Spain, so we share a group travel board together.

It’s not just using Pinterest to plan for the future though, it’s also being able to use it to reflect on our past. I look at all of the wonderful pictures of my girlfriend and I, and it makes me even more motivated to create those future memories.”

Zoe: “Pinterest has allowed me to organize my life goals in a fun and motivating way. Being able to visually discover and keep pins that connect with me in some way has been not only inspiring but I have actually followed through on a lot of them as well. Pinterest reminds me that I can eat healthy and still enjoy dessert; that I can follow my dreams and never live with regrets, and that I can be the best person I can be by practicing good time management, yoga, stress management, and making sure to laugh and enjoy every minute of it.

What’s important is to make sure to try to only go on Pinterest before getting up or before bed. Don’t let Pinterest replace the time you can be spending making your dreams a reality, use it as a daily reminder in the early morning or the late night to strive to live your life to the fullest. And then go make it happen!”

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