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Kyla Brennan

December 6, 2013


Not all great content must be published for all to see. In fact, a great way to establish a stronger relationship with brand advocates and industry influencers is by wining and dining them offline – or in the digital world, on Pinterest secret boards. With just a little creativity, you can turn these boards into super-engaging channels for your followers. One approach is to reward the activity of your most active Pinterest advocates with a levels-based VIP treatment:

When your followers pin or repin a certain number of images from a public brand board or website, it unlocks a special invitation into the first of several VIP secret boards with instructions in board description on how to advance to the next level.

Image via [thornleyfallis.ca]

Image via [thornleyfallis.ca]

Levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold – with corresponding coupon codes/freebies/invitations to exclusive events. Have fun naming the boards. Just because they are private, doesn’t mean your branding shouldn’t be consistent, especially if used to court brand advocates and influencers. For instance, for HelloSociety, HelloConfidential may or may not be a name of one of our secret boards 🙂

Celebrities, artists, musicians, chefs, etc. can offer exclusive behind the scenes interviews, videos, pictures, access to private concerts, viewings, taste tests and downloads to secret music tracks.

Keep in mind that this is also a great way to crowdsource new products or ideas from your company — rewards can be offered not only based on pinning activity, but on the quality of feedback that your followers provide.

Some things to remember:

  • People can repin from a secret board so if you are producing content that you do not want repurposed, please state that in your board description. On the flip side, if you allow brand advocates and influencers to repin from your secret boards, it can be easy to measure the virality of your content so make sure you are tracking your pinning efforts and using a Pinterest analytics dashboard.
  • With the virtual flip of a switch, you can make your secret boards public and flood the stream with fresh content. Once you make a secret board public, it’s public, and can not be converted back to private. However, this also means that you now have another secret board freed up for another project (Pinterest only allows users to have 3 secret boards at a time, not including the secret boards you have been invited to).
  • Your brand advocates and influencers most likely have a blog, are active in social media and love good old-fashioned word of mouth.  The more special you make them feel and the more you listen to them, the more you learn and create positive social buzz, even when the content and influencer marketing was done in secret.

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