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Kyla Brennan

December 8, 2013

Comments Off on How Pinterest Can Turn Brands Into Gifted Storytellers

Remember when you were in grade school and your first exercise in the morning was a little something called Show and Tell? Your classmates would bring in toys and with extreme joy on their faces, showing and telling with an unparalleled gusto how their toy is the greatest toy ever.

You’re sold! You need to experience this pure joy. You run home and tell your parents all about this new toy that you must have. This is storytelling and word of mouth marketing at its most pure and finest and proof that at one point we were all gifted storytellers…

Pinterest is the perfect platform for brands to bring back show and tell. Here’s how:

Image via [http://fashionscollective.com]

Image via [http://fashionscollective.com]

  • Visually establish ownership: Put a name on it. When you were a child you named your favorite stuffed animals, blankets and make-believe friends. You took them everywhere. When you put a name with a “face” the relationship transforms and evolves overtime to hopefully include trust and loyalty. Marketing products on Pinterest follows the same principle. Entice people to go beyond the like and repin by telling them what is so special about this pin. Why this pin? Why now? Give people a reason to click through, purchase and call it their own.
  • Everyone loves a party with a theme: Remember high school, when one of the most hotly debated topics was that year’s prom theme? Create that same buzz with themed Pinterest boards, which get people excited about a specific topic or event. Set the scene and invite people along for the pinning.
  • Partner up: In school when you had group projects, it was in your best interest to match up with other students that complimented your strengths and weaknesses in hopes of getting the highest grade possible. On Pinterest, smart brands know a way to achieve higher virality per pin is by partnering with influencers in specific categories for marketing campaigns that result in a win/win for both parties.
  • Show culture to shape culture: You’ve graduated. Now give people something to believe in. Create culture boards on Pinterest that SHOWcase your brand culture, mission and target audiences lifestyles. Your Pinterest culture boards should tell a story greater than your online catalog. Create action and give people a reason to share in your passion and pay it forward one repin at a time.

How is your brand using Pinterest to connect on a more personal level?



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