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Zoe Waldron

January 1, 2014


Review your goals for 2014: do you want more followers, more website traffic, or more sales? Pick one to start your 2014 Pinterest timeline and tailor your Pinterest strategy to achieve that goal, then focus on the next goal. Once your brand has improved in all three areas, you’ll see each aspect support one another and improve steadily. Think of your Pinterest as an ever-evolving collection of images that represent your brand. The following list shares ways your brand can achieve its goals and stay top of mind in consumers’ minds this coming year.

Gain more followers:

   – Pin regularly: An easy step that many brands don’t do is pinning 15-20 pins a day onto different boards throughout the day. This will increase the likelihood that your pins will show up in search results and promote follows. A pin scheduler or account management can ensure this is met.

   – Promote your Pinterest: Utilize all other social media platforms with a quick link to your page. Promote your page with widgets, “Follow us” button on your website in a prominent spot, “Follow us on Pinterest” cover photo along with regular posts on Facebook, and email (a huge one). Emailing a specific call out for people to follow your brand on Pinterest can increase followers drastically. The easier for them, the better for you!

   – Descriptions: Using specific keywords in your pin descriptions is a major way to improve SEO on Pinterest. Be descriptive and you’ll see your following increase steadily.

   – Dedicated boards: Dedicated or group boards shared with a top Pinterest influencer increase brand awareness and the likelihood for people to follow your brand.

   – Pinterest contests: Pinterest contests are a great way to increase followers because you can make them ‘following’ you a required step in entering.

   – Integrate in-store with Pinterest: Nordstrom has done a great job at marking “top Pinterest items” in store with tags to create buzz around the items and their Pinterest account.

Increase website traffic:

   – Create content: Create pins for your blog articles or flash sales. Design pins that lead pinners to want to click-through to your website. A heading will make pinners want to check out what you have to offer.

   – Pinterest Influencers: Learn more about HelloSociety’s Pinterest Influencer network here or by emailing info@hellosociety.com.

   – Verify your Pinterest: Learn how to verify your website here.

   – Get Rich Pins for articles: Get rich pins for your articles to have an article overview by the pin description leading to much higher traffic. Learn more here.

   – Include a call-to-action: In your pin descriptions, simply tell people to click through, learn more, and explain what they could learn if they check out your site and they most likely will.

   – Board categories: Make sure every board you have has a category. Go into ‘edit board’ to make sure your pins will show up under category searches.

Get more sales:

   – Pin seasonal: Create boards that coordinate to the seasons. Have a New Year’s Eve board with your products integrated (ie: planning an NYE party or making the perfect NYE outfit).

   – Pinterest Influencers: Pinterest influencers make a huge difference for brands on Pinterest. Learn more about HelloSociety Pinterest Influencer network here or by emailing info@hellosociety.com.

   – Get Rich Pins: Rich Pins will have your product’s price by its pin description and it will also alert people who’ve pinned that product when the item goes on sale!

   – Make it exclusive: Have a board with products exclusive to Pinterest like J.Crew’s catalog prerelease on Pinterest or Lowe’s exclusive Black Friday deals board.

   – Add text to your images: Pin images with the text “Items under $50” on the top will increase likelihood of click throughs, awareness, repins, and sales.

   – Pin during specific times: Pinning between 2-4 pm and 8-11 pm are the ideal times to get the most exposure for your pins and products.

Learn more about HelloSociety here or email us at info@hellosociety.com

Happy New Year from all of us at HelloSociety!


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