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Kyla Brennan

December 20, 2013


To enhance in-store customer experience and increase consumer spending, brands hire stylists to dress up window displays and mannequins. Your Pinterest boards should be dressed up and cared for in the same manner. Investing money in professional photographers, models and stylists for photo shoots greatly increases your pinning virality.

Image via [claireifielder.blogspot.com ]

Image via [claireifielder.blogspot.com ]

HelloSociety recently surveyed 110 of the most-followed pinners on Pinterest to get a better understanding of their pinning habits, preferences and purchasing history. When it came to pinning advice for fashion retailers, these super-influential pinners had a lot to say:

Offer variety – in both product shots and models.

Mai Phung  (995,000+ Followers) says that when it comes to fashion, “Lookbook shots are a must in addition to regular product shots. Shopruche.com and Freepeople.com are great examples of how lookbooks should be shot. In addition, jewelry should not be simply shot on a plain white background. It’s important to include photos of what the product looks like when worn and styled with a nice outfit.

“Online shoppers want to see the possibility of an outfit, or a necklace in relation to what they already own,” says Mai. “Show the product, and then show what it can do when accessorized.”

Another favorite of power pinners and their legion of followers and repinners are Polyvoreesque images. Bridgette Salvon-Berndt  (1.1M+ Followers) says, “Polyvore-type images that include the full ensemble – clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags etc. – do REALLY well on Pinterest because women like to see the entire pretty picture.” Both Polyvore-esque collages and lookbook images on Pinterest are a great way to increase shopping cart totals.

To date, this polyvore image has gotten 282 likes 852 repins on Pinterest.

To date, this Polyvore image has gotten 282 likes 852 repins on Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/pin/253186810271228231/

And when it comes to the models, it seems that pinners are just as particular in who they pin as what they pin.

“Models should be natural, not dismal and stiff,” says Salvon-Berndt. “There are a lot of times I pin things because I love the product but then people comment on how awful the models look and it stops them from purchasing.”

Mary Beth Eroen (880,000+ Followers), offers this advice to fashion brands, “Refrain from over-styling or over-sensualizing models, as this does not tend to appeal to most women, and therefore gets the least amount of repins.”

Erin Fredman (638,000+ Followers) agrees, advising retailers from making their models look too sexy. “I get nervous about pinning images of scantily clad models,” she says. “You never know who your followers might be.”

…But don’t sacrifice quality for variety

Pinner Kerri-lynn Wilkinson (536,000+ Followers) agrees.  “Even if I love a product, I won’t pin it if the photo is of poor quality.”

Says another influential pinner (1.8M+ Followers), “My advice for merchants would be to use clean backgrounds and have multiple images on your product pages (one solid just product shot and maybe some beautiful editorial, lifestyle shots). And make sure color and resolution are fantastic or I will not pin!”

So what fashion brand do the most influential women on Pinterest give an A+? Anthropologie was consistently rated highest amongst the most followed women on Pinterest. They offer a variety of images from editorial, lifestyle, product and model shots and do a great job at bringing the window display to the virtual storefront.


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