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Zoe Waldron

April 30, 2014


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It can take a lot of quality pinning, or a lot of luck, to go viral on Pinterest, but you can increase the likelihood of your pins going viral by following these simple steps:

1) Name your boards something simple and most likely to be searched.

     – Example: Name your board “Healthy Lunches” rather than “Yummy and Healthy Lunches.”

2) Categorize all boards correctly.

     – Note: Always avoid categorizing under ‘Other.’

3) Give each board a good description.

     – One full sentence recommended for board descriptions.

4) Add informative pin descriptions for all pins.

     – Use keywords that are likely to be searched, like “Healthy,” “Vegan,” “Easy,” or “Gluten Free” for recipe pins         and “DIY,” “Hack,” or “How To” for homemade projects.

5) Repeat words in your pin description from the board it’s going to.

     – For pins going on your ‘Healthy Lunches’ board, try and include the words “Healthy” or “Lunches” in some of         those pin descriptions too, without it being too noticeable.

6. Always pin into the correct board category.

     – Example: Avoid pinning a recipe onto your travel board.

7. Verify your website URL.

     – This gives your profile, hence your pins, a better ranking because it shows that your URL is a verified source.

8. Share pins daily.

     – Regularly pinning quality content makes your pins show up higher in Pinterest search results. I recommend           sharing 15-25 pins throughout each day.

 An overview of Pinterest search ranking

Board search ranking includes:
– Board name and description
– Board categorization
– Repins from the board
– Number of followers and quality of those followers
– How active the board is
– Who the board creator is and his/her profile search ranking

 Pin search ranking includes:
– Pin description text matching
– Board the pin belongs to
– Number of repins
– Who pinned it and his/her quality signals

Pinner search ranking includes:
– Name
– Number of followers and the quality of those followers
– User activity (including frequency of pinning)
– Social connection (e.g. if I follow the Pinner, they’ll show up higher)
– Verified domain

Can you think of other ways to make your pins go viral? Comment below! Read How to Completely Optimize Your Pinterest Profile and 10 Boards All Brands on Pinterest Should Have for even more Pinterest tips and examples!

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This is good information.  Question.  So it's better to have a shorter title and in the description have a more in depth description?  For example.  "Gluten Free Recipes from Gluten Free Bloggers" Is one of my titles.  Would it be better to gall it Gluten Free Bloggers and the then in the descripion say the above info?  Just trying to clarify.