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Kyla Brennan

December 6, 2013


Image via [sterlingkreative.com]

Image via [sterlingkreative.com]


Fill it out – all of it! Make sure you have a  picture, location, bio … everything. Your profile will be indexed so it’s important to make sure you use your top SEO keywords in your bio that you want to be searchable in.

Verify yourself: Before Pinterest’s new website verification process, websites were hidden by a colorless globe and were easy to miss. The website verification adds a big bold red checkmark next to your website and makes it clickable! This increases onsite engagement by driving more traffic to your website and increases your SEO.


Aim for 18-30 boards with a minimum of 5 images in each so that at first glance your board profile looks completely filled out and you look follow-worthy. Remember that you can rearrange your boards on your page – so make sure you place your best content front and center in the first two rows. 

Location, location, location! Many social networking sites are starting to include geolocation as part of their built in search. Why? It increases engagement and time spent on platform by connecting people and brands with similar interest and similar location. As Pinterest continues to grow, search by location will become more relevant. Target market through local search by including some boards that are focused on curating relevant content around  your local region, state and business.

Focus, focus, focus!  Your complete Pinterest profile is your “vision board.”  Your boards are sub-topics and categories of your vision. The more topic focused each board, the more your vision will resonate with people. Make sure to categorize your boards properly and take the time to fill out board descriptions using top SEO keywords and relevant hashtags.

Group boards: Collaborating on group boards is a great way to increase your exposure across multiple Pinterest pages. When users choose to “follow all boards” on your contributors’ accounts, they’ll automatically follow your board too. This is a great marketing tactic for brands, especially when teaming up with Pinterest influencers.


Image optimization: Optimize your pins with descriptions, price tags – if relevant, and keywords. Pinterest has a 500 character description limit so you can use multiple keywords – just make sure the keywords are relevant and the description flows naturally.

If uploading your own images for SEO purposes, to increase your search engine ranking make sure to save each jpeg so that the fil name contains 4 or 5 keywords.


With any marketing you do, you should be tracking your efforts. When it comes to social media, the time and energy you spend on each platform to customize and optimize your content and to maintain a relevant and consistent presence can be exhausting. Platforms such as HelloManager can manage your Pinterest account and create a customized pinning strategy for your brand, while HelloInsights can help you pin intelligently by optimizing your Pinterest presence and increasing your overall social influence, ROE and ROI.


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