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Zoe Waldron

January 8, 2014



Verify your website (profile will have a checkmark next to it)

– This assures pinners that your profile is from the official company or person behind that Pinterest account, if the official website is provided. Learn how to verify for Pinterest here.

Have more than 5 boards, no more than 40

– A brand profile with 15-25 boards is most ideal for having a good variety of content without overwhelming your followers.

Create exclusivity

 – Brands’ Pinterest accounts need something exclusive to differentiate them from their other social profiles to persuade consumers to rely on it for unique content. The Pinterest profile should have at least one board with exclusive content, for example: behind-the-scenes photos, first access to new collections and/or special deals, peeks into the company’s headquarters, etc…

– Example: J.Crew’s exclusive catalog access on Pinterest

Dedicate a board to a unique aspect of your company or customer base

– Having a board featuring in-store photos from events, Instagram posts, and/or customer created content can make your followers feel in the loop and important.

– Example: Gap’s Styld.by You and GAPgrams boards

Share a dedicated board with a blogger, Pinterest influencer, or other brand

 – Dedicated boards will tap the brand into new and relative markets. Choose a blogger, Pinterest influencer, or brand with a similar aesthetic and followers that fit your brand’s target market – the possibilities for reach, increased awareness, sales, and followers can be significant.

– Example: Scoutmob Shoppe’s The Inspired Kitchen dedicated board with Food52

Create a brand-focused Place Pins board

– Integrate brick and mortar with Pinterest by encouraging pinners to experience the in-store experience along with Pinterest and online shopping.

– Example: Starbucks’ Store Design Place Pins board

Run a Pinterest contest

– Pinterest contests are a great way to increase followers, acquire email addresses, connect with existing customers, and gain reach into new potential markets… plus it’s fun for customers (new and existing) to explore your products with a theme, event, or dream in mind.

– Before creating a contest, check out Pinterest’s newly updated contest guidelines.

Keep boards interesting

– Mix it up by creating a board that contrasts from the rest, like a board with only one color, seasonal theme, regional inspiration, etc… just be creative and have fun.

– Example: Lowe’s 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid board


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