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Zoe Waldron

August 6, 2014


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For brands, bloggers, and regular pinners, it’s easy to improve your Pinterest profile for better interaction and a higher following in just 10 short minutes (or less!) Follow these steps to make sure your Pinterest is in tip-top shape. If your account is already optimized in that area, skip it and move on to the next.

Minute 1: Optimize board names

Unless your account has over 50k followers, it’s a good idea to name your boards something simple and likely to be searched. This can help increase the chances of your board showing up in board searches. Although “Summer Lovin’ – Had Me a Blast” is a cute name, it’s almost completely unlikely anyone would ever search that. Instead stick to something simple and 1 or 2 words max, like “Summer,” “ Summer Inspirations,” or “Summer Love,” at least until your account reaches a high-enough follower count.

Minute 2: Reorganize boards by relevance

Drag the most relevant boards to the top. This includes upcoming holidays, current seasons, boards that are most relevant to your company, or your favorite topics at the moment.

Minute 3: Connect Pinterest with your Twitter

It’s quick and easy to attach your Twitter profile to your Pinterest. It’s always a great idea to cross promote social accounts. Increase your Twitter followers while building a stronger fanbase! It’s also completely optional to have your Twitter automatically post each pin you share. We recommend having that turned off so it’s not overwhelming to your Twitter followers.

Minute 4: Make sure each board is correctly categorized

Your travel-related board accidentally being categorized under ‘Weddings’ can hurt your Pinterest SEO or worse, have you removed from search altogether. Better safe than sorry! Plus no one likes going into a category and seeing irrelevant pins.

Minute 5: Create a secret board you’ve always wanted to start

Just create it and start pinning to it secretly. If it starts coming together, great! Make it public if you’re happy with it and it has at least 10 pins on it.

Can’t think of a secret board topic to start? Try something fun and creative! Start an ombre, rainbow, or single color-themed board. Start a Halloween or fall-themed board. Make a board dedicated to your blog or other social media content. Start your first place pins board! The opportunities are endless. Even if you don’t end up making it public, it’s good to try making something new or getting the feel for a newer feature like place pins.

Minute 6: Change a few of your board covers

We recommend changing board covers once every week or so to keep your profile looking fresh!

Minute 7: Delete abandoned boards

Delete any boards you aren’t regularly pinning to that have less than 25 pins. It keeps your account looking clean and shows that each remaining board has purpose.

Minute 8: Leave any group boards you’ve joined & don’t love.

If you no longer contribute to a group board you joined in the past, just leave it.

Minute 9: Create a “TEST” secret board

This allows you to test pin images from your website, blog, or images you’re uploading to make sure they’ll pin well. If you ever design pins or make pins out of your own images, this test board will be your new best friend!

Minute 10: Copy your Pinterest widget’s code

Copy the code for your profile’s widget, and save it to add to your next blog post or email blast. Find it by clicking on the “<>” button. (Example of ours below)

Red rectangle.jpg

It will end up looking like this (try scrolling!) and no additional coding is required:

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What are your favorite ways to improve your Pinterest profile quickly? Comment below! Read NEW! Pinterest Interests & Related Pins and Common Brand Mistakes We See on Pinterest for more Pinterest tips and examples!

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The information is good but bit technical.


These are great hints, especially the board names. Going to update mine now! Thanks