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Kyla Brennan

December 17, 2013

Comments Off on Landing Page Optimization Part 1 of 3 – Why Brands Should Practice Deep Linking on Pinterest

We’ve talked about how to optimize your Pinterest profile, boards and pins for social search — now let’s talk pin landing pages. They can make or break the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and because Pinterest generates more referral traffic than Twitter, Yahoo, Google+ and LinkedIn and produces double the revenue per transaction than Twitter and Facebook, grabbing the attention of your visitors and keeping it is essential.

What is deep linking? Deep linking means that your pins send people to a specific product page rather than your home page when they click through. The more high-quality internal links you have out there on the web, the higher you’ll show up in search results, or in tech-speak, your authority rank will rise.

How to deep link on Pinterest? Deep linking on Pinterest is easier than it sounds. Simply pin an image directly from the original source page. If your website is gated, meaning you require visitors to sign up to gain access, make sure you redirect them to the product page of the image they clicked on.

Joss and main-pinterest-productpinterest-landing-pages-seo


If you are worried about sending people to product pages with sold out items or dead links, you can simply redirect visitors to a category page with similar products like below. 

inspirational-quotes-pinterest-joss and main

Why Brands Should Practice Deep Linking on Pinterest:

1.) Better User Experience: Plain and simple. Make it super easy for people to find what they’re looking for and discover new things they might enjoy. When they come back, they might bring a few friends along!

2.) Minimize Bounce Rate: Delivering people relevant content quicker will help minimize user frustration. Bonus Tip: Including product recommendations on internal pages helps increase the amount of time they spend on the site and shopping cart totals.

3.) Increased Conversion Rate: HelloSociety A/B tested pins directing people to a homepage and a product page. The pins that took people directly to the product page converted 3-4x better! 

4.) Higher Search Ranking: It’s impossible to keyword everything on your home page without appearing spammy. To optimize your site, use internal pages for keywords associated with relevant brands, products and industry content instead.

Measuring how effective your efforts are is very important too. Using a Pinterest analytics suite like HelloInsights, allows you to easily connect your Google Analytics account with your Pinterest profile. When you know how visitors find you, what pages they’re frequenting and how long they’re staying — you can better customize your Pinterest marketing strategy and start seeing an increase in ROI and ROE.



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