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Zoe Waldron

September 25, 2013


Whether you love Pinterest or not, it’s undeniable that the potential Pinterest has to change your life is significant… at least it was for me.

It all started in the summer of 2012. I discovered Pinterest after reading about it on Twitter and sent a request for an invite to pin. After a few days I got that exciting email that I could start pinning. I started with uncertainty and excitement and started by pinning a few cute animals, beautiful places I’ve traveled to, and foods I’d like to try making. Pinterest was still pretty new so most of the pins I’d scroll through were beautiful, high-quality photographs and I saw very few unappealing or promotional pins. As the weeks went by I got more and more hooked. By using Pinterest to organize inspiration boards for my internships and college classes, I was able to brainstorm with my teammates by sharing design styles, typography, past advertisements, and photography examples to spark creative campaign themes and unique ideas.

Pinterest is an exciting space to pinpoint your goals, figure out what steps you need to take to reach them, and motivate yourself to aspire towards bigger and better things. Whether you are striving to improve your physique, health and diet, career, home, love life, style, or baking skills, Pinterest has the inspirations to help you get there. The first step is exploring the Everything category and pinning your heart out!

Last year, like most college seniors, I had to decide where I was going to move after graduation to start my career. I had teachers telling me where I should go, my parents giving me their supportive input, and most of my friends telling me to stay close to home with them. I had always dreamt of moving to Southern California. I grew up watching The O.C. and I loved the idea of year-long warm weather, the beach, the city, and sunshine. Problem was, I’d always suppress those thoughts out of fear and say to myself, “I can’t do it. I’ll just follow the advice of everyone else and live close to home.”

Two weeks before graduation, still undecided, I decided to create a Pinterest board named Real World to help me figure things out. I devoted this board to being where I pinned my dream life for my 20s. No pressure, just fun. Over time I realized that my pins pointed to one place, California. So I decided then and there to take a chance and move to California. I didn’t have a place to stay or a job, but I figured everything out when I got to L.A. and made it work. Every night until the day I moved I’d look at my Pinterest board to remind myself that even though I was a little scared, I knew that if I didn’t take the chance, I’d regret it for the rest of my life.

Now 4 months later, I’m here with my own apartment in Santa Monica just blocks from the beach. I bought my first car, I’ve made a few friends, and I have my first “real world” job — working at an amazing Pinterest marketing agency called HelloSociety with fun, hard-working and passionate people like myself! Not only has Pinterest inspired my day-to-day, it has now become a huge part of my life and I’m still not even sick of it after the countless hours I’ve spent on it at work. I’ll even admit, after a long day of pinning at work, there’s nothing better than getting home, crashing onto my bed, grabbing my laptop and going onto my personal Pinterest account to pin. Obsessed? Maybe. Passionate? Yes! Pinterest, thank you for helping inspire me to make my dream life, my actual life.

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