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Zoe Waldron

June 11, 2014


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According to Mashable, Pinterest is now the 2nd ranked social media platform in relation to being most-often used on mobile devices, just behind Instagram and just ahead of Twitter. According to comScore, in April of this year, 93% of the time spent on Pinterest was through mobile. Since the release of Pinterest’s mobile app in May of 2011, the use of Pinterest on smartphones in relation to desktop computers is significantly higher, and still continuing to grow.

Earlier this year, when mobile use was quickly growing, Pinterest decided to focus on a mobile site redesign. In February, Pinterest released a redesign of their mobile site and the statistic that “75% of all daily traffic comes from native mobile applications.” During those few months, Pinterest mobile usage continued to grow and on June 5th, Digiday published an article stating new data from comScore,

“A staggering 93 percent of the time spent on Pinterest in April occurred on mobile, up from 72 percent in April 2013, according to comScore. That’s higher than the mobile consumption rates for Tumblr (48 percent), Facebook (68 percent) and Twitter (92 percent).”

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 4.29.22 PM.png

The growth of Pinterest mobile usage from 2013-2014 – Source: Digiday

What do I believe this mobile growth means for Pinterest? That the mobile experience Pinterest provides, both through their app and Pinterest’s mobile site, needs to be seamless. The continued success of Pinterest’s mobile presence will continue to help its user base grow and will strengthen the connection between social media and ecommerce.

Global Use of Mobile

According to KPCB, mobile usage in general also continues to grow, nationally and globally. Globally, 73% of the population (5.2 billion) have a mobile phone and 22% (1.6 billion) have a smartphone.

How Businesses Can Cater to Pinterest Mobile Use

This increase of mobile use for Pinterest means if your brand is going to have a strong presence on Pinterest and effective sales plan, it’s important to:

– Create a solid mobile version of your website for a better experience for when pinners click through pins on mobile.

– Create a mobile app or improve your existing app, since Apple announced iOS 8 and VentureBeat suggested the updated easier interaction between apps and Pinterest.

– Get Rich Pins to stand out better on mobile.

– Verify your Pinterest’s website URL, which really pops on Pinterest mobile. Being verified increases your authenticity and your chances of increasing your following.

app shots.png

(LEFT) The ability to swipe between pins on Pinterest mobile is a big plus for users.
(RIGHT) The ability to ‘Pin It,’ ‘ Edit,’ ‘Send,’ or ‘Like’ at the touch of your fingertips.

Cool features on Pinterest mobile

          – Super easy to quickly repin, like, edit, send pins and boards, and upload pins on the mobile app.

          – You can swipe between pins on mobile.

          – Guided Search exists only on Pinterest’s mobile app. Coming to desktop soon.

Pinterest’s newest feature, Guided Search, is also exclusive to Pinterest’s mobile app. The desktop version releasing soon.

          – When repinning, the app shows your last 3 boards pinned to, to make it more convenient.

          – It tells you when you’ve already pinned something.

          – After repinning, it suggests content and other pinners you might like.

The History of Pinterest Mobile

○ May 2011: The Pinterest app was originally released in May of 2011.

○ December 2011: Pinterest updated their app for users to be able to save images to their camera roll.

○ August 2012: Pinterest released Pinterest for Android, iPad, and an even better version of the iPhone app

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 3.30.07 PM.png

Image Source: Pinterest Blog

○ February and March 2013: Pinterest released two new versions of the iPhone, iPad, and Android apps to have the ability to edit pins, delete comments, view contributors, control what boards you contribute to, see what people with similar interests also have pinned, and edit your profile.

○ July 2013: The press and hold to repin, like, and send feature is activated for iPhone and iPad.

○ October 2013: Swiping on the iPhone app introduced. An Android Widget added for Pinterest on the go.

○ April 2014: Guided Search introduced to Pinterest mobile, exclusively.

○ June 2014: Pinterest releases the Windows 8 Phone mobile app.

Don’t have the Pinterest app yet? Get it free now for iPhone, iPad, or Android!

What are your thoughts on Pinterest’s mobile growth? Comment below. Read Pinterest Travel and Global Growth and New Additions To Pinterest in 2014 for more Pinterest tips and examples!

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