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Zoe Waldron

August 20, 2014


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1. Press the spacebar to quickly scroll down your feed.

For those who don’t already know, you can press the spacebar to quickly scroll down your Pinterest feed at a nice pace. If you’re on Pinterest for a while, like I can be at times, it can make searching through feeds and searches much easier on your wrist. Try it now!

Space Bar GIF.gif

2. Promote getting new followers with the ‘follow landing page.’

This page is great for brands, especially during their Pinterest contests when following your account is required to enter. With this page there are no other live buttons on the page besides the ‘Follow’ button. This leaves less distractions and leads right to following. Just type in “pinterest.com/[your username]/pins/follow/” to see yours!

Follow Landing Page GIF 5.gif

3. Input a Pinterest Widget everywhere.

The Pinterest widget is the perfect (interactive) addition to add to promotional emails, blog posts, and your website. The neat thing about it is how it scrolls and can really help increase your following. It’s also super easy to implement – the coding to paste is found right on your profile page.

– See how to get yours at the bottom of this HS post.

Pin Widget GIF 8.gif

4. Prepopulate pin descriptions when pinning from a website.

Highlight any text on a website before pressing the ‘pin it’ button and that text will appear in the description field. This is great for sites like Madewell that have thorough descriptions under their products but their automatic pinned descriptions are lacking. Just highlight the text you want to describe the pin with and press the ‘pin it’ button. This tip was discovered from this Yahoo! Tech article.

Madewell GIF.gif

Example using Madewell.com

What are some tips and tricks you’ve learned or discovered lately? Comment below! Which of these tips are you most excited about?

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