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Zoe Waldron

September 18, 2013


Save Money With Pinterest

Pinterest can inspire people to not only get craftier, more fashionable, and make their dream homes a reality, but it can also help people save money in the process! Pinterest may seem like a time-suck to some, but if there is quality planning being done, it’s well worth your time! You can make visual lists, pin images of your goals, and see easy-to-follow DIY steps on products you need but can make at home easily and for much less money.

The following list shares unique and easy DIY projects people can create to check off their to-do lists all while spending less money than they would at the store.


Instead of going out to eat, make your own homemade versions of your favorite restaurant foods. Doing this can save your family a ton of money and bring you closer together through the joy of cooking. Buying coffee is also a treat but shouldn’t be in your regular routine if you’re trying to save money. Check out this homemade pumpkin spice latte recipe, perfect for the quickly approaching fall season!

Homemade Olive Garden Salad Dressing anyone?


Renovating your home through DIY projects may seem intimidating, but if planned properly, can give you an empowering sense of creative freedom and save you money. Reupholstering is a fairly easy process that can take any chair from drab to fab. Pick a bright fabric and make some homemade wood finish or buy paint to create a fun chair like this one!


Cleaning your home with a homemade cleaner is not only a money saver, but can give you peace of mind knowing exactly what ingredients it does (and doesn’t!) contain. For example, this pet stain cleaner is made with just three ingredients! There’s no need to turn to household products that often contain harmful chemicals when using your own naturally-powerful mix can do the trick for most cleaning jobs — and the smell of fresh-squeezed lemons is so much better than an artificial citrus scent!

Homemade Orange Peel Household Cleaner


To create Pinterest-inspired style on a budget doesn’t mean you have to be an expert at sewing. You can take clothing you already have and repurpose it to something chic and in stylish in minutes. Pinterest is also an amazing resource for makeup and hair tutorials. This Ribbon Halo Braid looks beautiful for a wedding and you can also find a lot of helpful tutorial videos on Pinterest, like this one for a Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial. This DIY Flannel Infinity Scarf from Rachel’s Nest is so easy to make and perfect for fall!


Giving thoughtful homemade gifts to friends is an amazing treat for them and you’ll feel great too. They’ll love knowing you put a lot of thought and time into making it! Wrapping gifts with fresh flowers and string is very on trend right now, like this super adorable and easy Teacher Appreciation Cookie Jar. Not only are these gifts a great treat for your friends, coworkers, and family members, but the exquisite wrapping is also sure to impress.  This homemade chevron box (below) from Style Me Pretty is a perfect example, containing delicious baked goodies, homemade jam, and other treats that are all neatly tied up with string!


Instead of spending a fortune on a gym membership, plan your own workouts at home and in your neighborhood for some free, calorie-burning fun. By finding a workout routine calendar you can stick to, you’ll be sure to reach your fitness goals in no time and without the crazy membership costs. Pinterest is also a great place to find healthy recipes and tips for great pre– and post-workout snacks. Stick to a fitness routine calendar like this one to stay in shape without spending a ton of money at the gym.

Price Alerts

Pinterest price alerts also have an amazing potential and Pinterest shared last June that they were “rolling out slowly.” Have you gotten any Pinterest price alert emails yet? Did it impact your shopping experience? Share in the comments below!

Can you think of other ways Pinterest can help save you money?

Share other money-saving tips, pins, and Pinterest board links in the comments below! Looking for more money saving tips? Check out Back To School with Pinterest for some money-saving pins sharing DIY projects, fun lunches for kids, and cool classroom tips for teachers.


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Pinterest is an endless book of memories and eye candy that people of all ages can enjoy.


I was thinking making family boards for Christmas gifts.  I often say that looking at Pinterest is like looking at someone's wish list.  Why not make boards with each family members wish list for Christmas and maybe where it could be found on Pinterest.  


 @pinterestprov That's a great idea! Thanks for your comment. Making a Christmas or birthday Pinterest wish list is a wonderful way to make sure your loved ones know exactly what you're hoping for with the link conveniently attached! 


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