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Zoe Waldron

February 19, 2015


Anyone can take a photograph and upload it to Pinterest. A content creator knows how to style a shoot for Pinterest, what lighting works best, and tricks like adding text and stacking images to make those ‘wow’ pins that grab a viewer’s attention while they are quickly scanning their feed. The following guide shares tricks to becoming a master at content creation for Pinterest in no time!

Getting the Lighting Right

Tricks To Getting Good Lighting With and Without Natural Light:

With light

– If direct sunlight is coming through the window, cover the window with a light white sheet or shower curtain so the sun’s light isn’t as harsh and looks more soft.
– If the sun isn’t coming in through the window your direction, photograph it in the shade and brighten as necessary.
– Take shots from different angles, shooting against the sun and with the sun.

Without light

– Have a light box or reflector? See some amazing tips from Pinch of Yum here.
– Don’t have a reflector? Learn how to make your own DIY Photo Light Box from Flax & Twine here.

Set Up & Showing Steps

It’s always a great idea to take a variety of photos. For food and DIYs, sharing each step of progression is a great way to show people just how easy and do-able a recipe is!

Start by laying out all of the ingredients/items needed.
Take shots both from the side and from directly above. This makes stacked pins easy to put together and promotes higher engagement!
Take both vertical and horizontal shots. Vertical for standalone pins and horizontal for stacking.
Style photos with props and accents. Set the table, add flowers, plate dishes, then add the finishing touches – like sprinkles, garnishes, sauces, etc…

See these example stacked pins from Fake Ginger, I Heart Nap Time, and Inspired By Charm:


Edit shots by upping brightness and saturation as needed.
Play with blurring around the point of focus if using basic exposure.
If shots are too warm, play with adding blue tones over photos.
Once photos are edited to your taste, stack a few shots (we use Photoshop). The canvas should be around 720 pixels wide and as long as desired. We typically don’t recommend stacking more than 4 images long. You can also break each stacked photo with a thin white rectangle (see examples above).
Now add your logo or URL to the bottom if desired.
Add the title of the recipe or DIY if desired (great for higher engagement!). You can find awesome free-for-commerical-use fonts at dafont.com.

See these example product & DIY single pins from Megan Gilger, Etsy, and TidyMom:


1. Before starting to create content for Pinterest. Implement Rich Pins into your website or blog. It’s my #1 tip for quickly and significantly improving Pin-SEO. It’s free. Not only will all new Pins’ titles be bolded and have important extra info. All past pins will too! It’s 100% worth the extra effort.
2. Use natural lighting when possible, but not directly under the light. Use a sheet or curtain to soften the sun’s rays. For those gray days or late night projects, try making a DIY light box!
3. Always take vertical photographs for your website or blog! You can take horizontal, but only upload them if you plan on stacking them to be vertical (like the examples above).
4. Stacking about ½ – ⅔ of your images is a great idea when creating content around recipes and DIYs. It’s like getting 2-4+ times the ad space, free of charge!
5. Increase brightness and saturation before pinning. Pinterest darkens images slightly when they’re pinned.
6. You can add a title to increase engagement on recipes, DIYs, and blog posts.
7. You can add your logo or blog/brand name to a bottom corner but make it very subtle.


Food content creation:

Sarah Kieffer | Vanilla Bean Blog
Cheryl Sousan | Tidy Mom
Ali Ebright | Gimme Some Oven
Beth Kirby | Local Milk
Marla Meridith | Family Fresh Cooking
Jenny Flake | Picky Palate
Lindsay | Pinch of Yum
Chungah | Damn Delicious
Michael Wurm, Jr. | Inspired by Charm
Sally | Sally’s Baking Addiction

Fashion, Products & Home styling:

Will Taylor | Bright.Bazaar/
Megan Gilger | The Fresh Exchange
Damsel in Dior
Barefoot Blonde
Lauren Zwanziger | The Transatlantic Blog
Gal Meets Glam
Kate Arends | Wit & Delight
Queen of Jet Lags
Moorea Seal
Gary Pepper


For more examples, see a wide variety of content creation HelloSociety Pinterest Influencers have created on this Pinterest board we created.

Who are your favorite content creators on Pinterest? Read 10 Pinterest Goals for Bloggers and Brands for 2015 and 7 Tricks All Bloggers on Pinterest Should Know for more Pinterest tips and examples!

Have questions about how you can optimize your content for Pinterest, increase your following, or improve your Pinterest account? Contact us at info@hellosociety.com.

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Thanks so much for sharing my lightbox tutorial.  This was a wonderful, informative post!