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Ran Kim

September 27, 2013


Friday is a universal word that means one thing for everybody. It means it’s time to break into weekend mode and abandon all things that don’t include sleeping, eating shameless amounts of food and doing whatever the heck you want. While you’re sitting in your office today watching the clock wind down, take a quick look our top 5 pins to kill some time. You think you’re about to have a fun weekend? Well here are some of our favorite pins of our furry friends having a better Friday than you! Enjoy and have a great weekend, everybody!

1. Me Time

“Hoorah! The man beast has finally vacated the building! No empty box or piece of leather furniture is safe from my whim now.”

2. Good Company

“Jim Rohn said that we are defined by the 5 people we spend the most time with? Well, that’s confusing.” Isn’t this the happiest pitbull you’ve ever seen?

3. Cheat Days

“I only did bad if the man beast notices. Hope he doesn’t wake up in time for breakfast tomorrow. Or ever.”

4.  Doggy Heaven 

“Hello, this is dog. Did you say something? I can’t hear you over all these balls.”


5. Comfort Zones

“What? Fur isn’t your favorite fashion accessory? The best days are when I can sleep on your favorite shirts while you’re not home though.”

Share with us some funny stories about your pet! What are some quirky things they’ve done to make you laugh?


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