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Ran Kim

January 17, 2014


Brrr! – As many of you have already heard on the news, we’ve recently been hit by a polar vortex that caused temperatures to drop to alarming low levels this past week. If not the news, you probably saw photos and updates about it all over social. In fact, it got so cold in some places that tricks like this, turning boiling water into snow, could happen! For those of you who are still experiencing the lingering effects of this cold wave, we’ve catered some fun pins just for you. Check out our top 5 pins this week to help you pass the time and stay warm this weekend.

1. Extra winter accessories

Yup, those winter accessories you thought you’d never use? Use them. It’s cold and there is nothing wrong with adding a couple more layers than usual or fashioning some earmuffs.

2. Have an extra cup in the morning

Nothing does the body better in the morning during winter than a warm cup of your favorite tea, coffee, or soup.


3. Just stay indoors

Unless you really just have to buy that important something from the store, just stay inside and save yourself the frostbite. Better to be safe and dry than sorry.


4. Be a little bittersweet

With weather being in the 70s here in California during this season, you can’t help but to feel a little bittersweet towards those California residents. Guess it’s time to make a trip to sunny California!


5. After the cold wave

California is warm and sunny, but its locals will never get to enjoy beautiful scenery like this. Look forward to better days! Just think of all the great snowboarding and ski trips you can have after the weather settles.


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