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Ran Kim

August 23, 2013


Summer is almost over. It’s time to pack away the sunscreen and get your favorite fall coat ready. For some of you, this means it’s almost time for you or your kids to go back to school. While that might not exactly be music to their ears, you can help lift their end-of-summer spirits with some back to school shopping! Anticipating new stationery, supplies, and clothes to show off on the first day makes going back to school a little more exciting. For this week’s Top 5 Pins, we decided to post some fun DIY projects to help you get inspired and ready to have another great school year!

1. Patterned Drawstring Backpacks

This printed DIY drawstring backpack is perfect for school. Use it to carry your gym clothes, books and other miscellaneous school items. In fact, this bag is great for travel and any other occasion as well, so feel free to make one even if it’s not for school purposes.


1. Multi-pupose Memo Board

It’s amazing what you can do with a some ordinary things around your house. You know those cork trivets you use to place hot pots of soup on? Well, you can transform them into a message board to hang over your desk. Just apply some fabric and chalk paint to give it some personality and then use it to post notes, pictures, and homework reminders on!


2. Sandwich Pockets

Lunch time is arguably the best time of the day at school. A great way to have a balanced meal is to pack your own lunch. Have you heard of Smucker’s ‘Uncrustables?” If you have and you love them, then you’re in luck! A different way to get your hands on these sandwich pockets for a healthier and fuller lunch is to grab a few large cookie cutters. Fill your favorite sandwich bread with its various contents and then use the cookie cutter to pinch the ends off.


3. Personalized Moleskin Journal

Before the we had all these fancy gadgets, all of our notes and writing were stored in one of these. Even if you store all your information on your laptop, it doesn’t hurt to have a notebook around to jot down quick memos. Make one of these personalized journals to keep handy in your bag whenever you don’t have time to pull out your laptop!


4. Book Clutch

For all you older students – ever had that dilemma of bringing both a backpack and bag to school? You need the backpack to hold your books and the bag to hold your personal items, but don’t want to bring both. How about fashioning an old book to make this trendy little clutch to carry in your backpack. It can hold your pens, phone, and other tiny school accessories while saving you the trouble of bringing extra luggage.

What was your favorite year in school and why?


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