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Ran Kim

August 30, 2013


Labor Day weekend is the first day of September that celebrates the economic and social achievements of the American worker — but let’s be honest, as far as most of us are concerned it means one thing: another three- day weekend! This extra day off has us assiduously planning what we want to do and where we want to go. Labor Day is also considered the unofficial “last day of summer,” so be sure and send the season off on a high note! Take a look at this week’s top 5 pins to take advantage of the long weekend and these final days of summer.

1. Have Breakfast in Bed

We often find ourselves racing the clock when it comes to the weekdays. We snooze our alarms to squeeze in those extra minutes of sleep at the expense of the most important meal of the day  but this Monday, there’s no need to rush. Wake up and whip of some of your favorite breakfast items. Bring it to bed, turn on your favorite show, and revel in the fact you can just sit and do nothing today.

2. Let’s Go Camping

Enjoy the last few dog days of summer by spending it in the great outdoors. If you haven’t already had the chance to go camping this summer, now is the time. It’s about to get chilly so you won’t have the luxury to sit out in the sun for much longer. If the wilderness isn’t quite your thing, you can even set up a small tent in your backyard and still enjoy the cool summer evening outdoors.


3. Go to Fairs and Festivals

Fairs and festivals are in abundance during this time of year. If you’re located in Los Angeles area like us, then you know that L.A. County Fair is in town! It’s the perfect weather to ride the ferris wheel and shamelessly enjoy some fried oddities. On that note, be sure to try a fried Oreo if you run across it at the fair! It’s worth it, trust us.


4. Enjoy Lingering Beach Days

What is summer without the beach? You can’t send off the season without getting your feet a little wet one last time. Have a picnic, make some s’mores, or anything else that you love to do at the beach. Make sure to head out a little early and get a good spot!


5. Go Sale Shopping

Sales, sales, sales! Sales are everywhere during Labor Day weekend. Take some time during this long weekend to browse your local shops and stores. Remember that top you wanted from your favorite store a few weeks ago? Well, now is a great time to check to see if you can get it at a better deal. If it’s not on sale, who’s to say you won’t find something better that day? Go out, explore, and treat yourself this weekend.

What do you want to do this Labor Day weekend? 


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