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Mindy Hu

December 5, 2013

Comments Off on Top 5 Pinterest Pins: Spring Cocktails

Now that the weather is getting warmer, don’t you just want to sit outdoors on the patio and enjoy a drink? If you want to invite some friends to join you but aren’t exactly an expert mixologist, we’ve rounded up 5 spring cocktail recipes to give you some libation inspiration!

1. Passion fruit mojitos

If you’re a fan of tropical fruit drinks, this passion fruit mojito makes the perfect cocktail for you and your guests to enjoy. Mix with white rum.


Image via [delish.com]

2. Lillet rose spring cocktail

Any day drinkers? Here is a great cocktail to make for brunch. Garnish your drinks with edible flowers to add some extra charm.


Image via [marthastewart.com]

3. Lavender Lemonade

Add some lavender to everyone’s favorite seasonal drink for a unique cocktail. Enjoy with or without your favorite vodka/gin.


Image via [shindig411.com]

4. Grapefruit margarita

For those who like spicy drinks – this grapefruit margarita has an extra kick with cayenne pepper and a spiced rum.


Image via [thelifestyledblog.com]

5. Citrusy champagne sangria

When life gives you citrus fruits, make this refreshing sangria!


Image via [kirantarun.com]

What are some of your favorite spring/summer drinks?


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