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Kyla Brennan

December 26, 2013


It was recently revealed by shopify.com that in 2012, on average, consumers spent more money on Pinterest than Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  That’s an impressive stat! What’s even more impressive is that while referral traffic to shopify stores from Facebook was 23% higher than referral traffic from Pinterest, Pinterest’s conversion rate was double than Facebook’s, making the traffic from the visual site more targeted and valuable. But not just any pin has the potential to go viral and create a noticeable increase in ROI. Just as important as image quality and product is who pins and/or repins from your site.

Image via [shopify.com]

Image via [shopify.com]

How do Pinterest influencers inspire action and increase your ROE (return on engagement) and ROI (return on investment)?

For one thing, Pinterest influencers are relatable. They are consumers’ peers — friends, moms, teachers, colleagues — that online shoppers know and trust. In a recent survey of HelloSociety’s 110 most-followed and influential tastemakers on Pinterest:

  • 52.3% are between the ages of 25-34
  • 78.9% are female
  • 57% have a 4 year college degree
  • Most common occupations are: students, teachers, stay-at-home moms and graphic designers
  • 88% have purchased something they’ve either pinned or repinned
  • 50% have purchased at least 5 products they’ve either pinned or repinned.
  • Average 2,500+ pins a year with a high of 15,000+ pins a year in the home decor, women’s and men’s fashion categories
  • Average 142,000+ repins a year with a high of 1.2M+ repins a year in the home decor, women’s and men’s fashion categories

Pinterest influencers are influential first and foremost on Pinterest. To them, Pinterest isn’t just another social platform where they must divide their time. Pinterest is where they spend most of their time and where they have built a community stronger than they have on Facebook. As a result of their Pinterest influence they have achieved a certain degree of online celebrity, and their followings on other social media sites increase as a result (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Fan pages, etc.) That being said, the majority of their time and energy spent online is still devoted to curating the web, pinning images and products they love and want to tell the world about.

When an influencer pins products they love to their boards, it’s like hosting a pop-up store and having millions of excited, targeted consumers show up.  So how can brands tap into this exclusive market for a return on investment and get the most influential on Pinterest in their respected targeted industries to pin and repin from their website? 

Have you ever had an image from your site go viral on Pinterest? If so, did you see an increase in sales as a result?


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