• Home Puppet Theatre


    • Cardboard box, larger the better
    • Black and white craft paint
    • HOME book (The Story of One Super Boov)
    • Scotch Tape
    • Craft Sticks
    • Pencil
    • Paint Brushes
    • Ruler
    • Scissors
    • Bone Folder (of another item for scoring cardboard


    • Cut out theatre shape from the cardboard box.
    • Find the center and pencil in stage opening.
    • Cut out stage opening.
    • Measure and mark where you want it to bend for the flaps (these outer flaps allow for it to stand upright).
    • Score along flap measurement line with bone folder.
    • Pencil in black and white pattern
    • Paint.
    • Cut out characters from HOME book.
    • Tape to craft sticks.

    Put on your own show starring Oh!

  • Solar System Mobile


    • Wooden and paper mache balls of varying sizes (9 total for planets and sun)
    • Craft paint (hues that will work for planets and sun)
    • Brass screw eyes (x18)
    • Wooden round base (I was able to find one at Michaels with a hold drilled in the center, this will allow me to hang the mobile)
    • Fishing line
    • HOME book (Tip's Tips on friendship
    • Rope
    • Paint
    • Brushes
    • Scissors


    • Screw the screw eyes into the 9 balls 
    • Screw remaining 9 screw eyes into the wooden bass. The way these screws are arranged will be how the planets will hang.
    • Paint the 9 balls. I did simple dotted textures and streaks to resemble planets.
    • -- optional *paint wooden base black to resemble night sky. --
    • Tie fishing line to painted planets on one end, and to the screws on the base with the remaining end. Hang them at varying heights to give extra interest and a mobile type appeal.
    • Add the cut out HOME images.
    • Pull rope through the hole at the center of the wooden base.
    • Knot the rope.
    • Nail remaining end of rope into ceiling.
    • It will hang at angle, which adds to the orbiting feel.

    Hang under Christmas lights to create a full outer space experience!

  • Galaxy Jar


    • Quart canning jar (Kerr or Mason)
    • Glow sticks (bracelet 5 pack is what I used)
    • Glitter
    • Fishing line
    • HOME book (The Story of One Super Boov)
    • Scissors
    • Tape


    • Cut out an image of OH from a "Home" book.
    • Tape the image to a 5 inch piece of fishing line.
    • Activate and shake glow stick, cut open (in dark room), and shake open end inside canning jar. A total of 4 glow stick bracelets into two jars. 
    • Sprinkle in some glitter and shake.
    • Lower image of OH down into the jar with the fishing line hanging over the edge, screw on lid.

    Shake away and watch Oh glow!

  • Supplies

    • 4 oz Glue
    • 4 Tbs liquid starch
    • Food Coloring
    • 1 Straw


    • Combine the ingredients and stir.
    • Roll mixture into small ball.
    • Place the ball at the end of the straw.
    • Blow a bubble!

    The best part, popping the bubble!

  • Oh Mask


    • 1 Purple paper plate
    • 1 Jumbo popsicle stick 
    • Scissors
    • Glue


    • Cut the center of the purple plate out.
    • Using the center piece of the plate you just cut out, trace and cut out teeth and ears for Oh.
    • Glue teeth to the bottom of the plate (white side showing) and ears at the top-sides of the plate (purple side showing). 
    • Glue popsicle stick to the bottom, back side of the plate. 

    Get your groove on pretending you are Oh!

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