At the core of every successful social media campaign is great content.

Content Creation

The HelloSociety network consists of some of the most talented content creators on social media—photographers, chefs, stylists, DIY mavens, and more—whose unique skill sets are tied together by a common theme: an eye for all things beautiful and an intimate knowledge of what works well on their social platform.

HelloSociety influencers have created thousands of pieces of professional-quality, platform-optimized content for brands in a variety of categories: food, fashion, travel, entertainment, automotive, CPG and more. They’ve whipped up original recipes inspired by major motion pictures; they’ve shot editorial-style outfit inspiration for apparel lines of all kinds; they’ve even come up with wildly creative crafts centered around the popular spokeswoman of an auto insurance company. And because the content created by our influencers is so authentic and high quality, it’s no surprise that it performs an average of 77% better than content produced by the brands themselves.

Your campaign is more than just
pictures -- it's a story.

Compelling Narratives

Once you’ve got a bevy of beautiful, influencer-created content to share, it’s important to seed them out the right way. This means different things for different platforms: on Instagram, a series of well-timed photos that tell a story is better than one-off posts. And on Pinterest, the story told by a carefully curated pin board is just as important as the [individual] pins themselves. These narratives are tailored to each influencer's specific audience, resulting in the best possible engagement for your campaign.

Curation Examples: Pin Boards


Our team carefully matches brands with the right pinners based on things like aesthetic and area of influence

Board Creation

Pinners create dedicated pin boards around the theme of the campaign


The content is shared with their followers on Pinterest

Pinner-created boards are curated visual stories that deftly weave together original content, branded photos and thematic images. The content is released gradually over time, consistently engaging followers at peak times each day. These mini-galleries are the most natural way to seed your brand’s content onto Pinterest. And, because each is tailored to that pinners’ specific audience, it results in the best possible engagement for your content.


Spring is in the air in this fresh and festive board for Zappos, which puts a pretty, playful spin on the top trends for spring.

Tiffany & Co.

The iconic jewelry of Tiffany & Co. glitters in this sparkly holiday board, which carefully curates a uniquely chic and snowy story.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore's new paint colors are beautifully presented in this tranquil pin board, which provides plenty of interior inspiration.

Ashley B

Ashley B's collection of high-end outwear is elegantly presented in this wintry board that's packed with cool, super-chic inspiration.


This bright board captures all the fun of Ritz's classic snack crackers through colorful content and original recipe ideas.

Blue Bunny

This board delivers a dose of holiday cheer that's as sweet as Blue Bunny's ice creams, with recipes, DIY ideas and ice cream eye candy.


Aladdin's tumblers are brought to life on this vibrant board, which showcases the colorful cups as part of an imagined Cinco de Mayo Party.


The soft, neutral hues from a line of Equipment apparel blend beautifully with earth-toned inspiration on this soothing pin board.


This glitzy, glittery board perfectly captures the fun and glamour that is Sephora's line of Formula X nail polishes.

There's a whole wide(r) world out there
on the visual web.

Social Expansion

We’re big believers in the power of amplifying your story across multiple social platforms. We also believe in doing it right—by making sure that content is created with each specific platform in mind, by creators who are relevant on that platform. This might seem a daunting task to many brands, but just one stop at HelloSociety brings campaigns to life across the entire social web. After all, our network is made up of super-influential creators with massive reach on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and popular blogs.

Social media is just that - social.

Enhanced Performance

Social media is just that - social. The point of posting content to social sites isn't just to have it seen, it's to have it shared. Our Influencer network creates content that's made specifically for the platform it gets posted to, whether that be Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube. Add that to the fact that our Influencers are showcasing everything in their own unique style - the very style that earned them an audience in the first place - and it should come as no surprise that their content performs an average of 145% better than brand-created content.

See how Influencer created content compares with brand images in our Optimization Examples PDF!

Understand your results through data,
not guesswork.


A successful social media campaign means constantly monitoring your audience and making changes to the content, voice and network without compromising quality or authenticity. Through detailed analytics across our network and even through to our partners' properties, we help both brands and influencers meet their goals together.

HelloSociety provides analytics for both our influencers and brand partners, allowing for retrospective analysis of the campaign's effectiveness as well as live optimization of the campaign as it progresses.

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