Why Pinterest?

A network unlike any other, Pinterest is based on social discovery and meaningful curation. We've created an in-depth look at what makes it the perfect place to connect.




In just over 3 years, Pinterest has built a userbase of 70 million people, drawing in 30 million unique visitors on a monthly basis. Pinterest is the sixteenth most popular site in America and the thirty-fifth most popular website in the entire world.


Millions to Billions

If millions don’t impress you, let’s talk billions! Pinterest gets 2.5 billion unique page views per month, a number expected to grow by 400% over the next three years.

Show Me the Money

According to a fall 2012 study, users coming from Pinterest spend double the amount per order than those from Twitter ($70.84) or Facebook ($94.70), with an average spend of $170.

2nd place

Second to One

Pinterest is neck-and-neck with Twitter to be the second most used online social network, and a referral powerhouse, sending more traffic than Twitter, Yahoo, Google+ or LinkedIn.

The Perfect Pair

43% of people prefer Pinterest to associate with retailers or brands, while only 24% prefer Facebook. Consumers overwhelming turn to Pinterest for inspiration on what to buy, to keep track of or collect things they like, and to stay attuned to trends.

69% of Pinterest visitors have found an item they’ve purchased or wanted to purchase on Pinterest, compared with 40% on Facebook.


Going Global

Pinterest has climbed the ranks to become the 16th most popular site in America and is rapidly expanding into international markets. 45% of new user registrations on Pinterest in June 2013 were from outside the good ol’ US of A.

Share the Wealth

If someone is sharing e-commerce content, the likelihood is they’re doing it on Pinterest! Pinterest grabs 41% of e-commerce sharing activity with Facebook trailing in at 37%, indicating that users are comfortable sharing their wants on Pinterest, something larger networks have yet to figure out.

no expiration

No Expiration Date

Fossils, Twinkies, pins - all of these things are just like each other! How so? Well, they last a loooong time. Long-tail search, Pinterest categories and auto-scroll contribute to a continuous cycle of sharing, meaning pins have the potential to drive traffic for several months longer than tweets or Facebook posts.

Mobile Domination

Using Pinterest on mobile devices is pintagious! Mobile activity is exploding, and Pinterest is carving itself a sizable niche of sharing activity. Nearly half of all iPad social sharing activity is on Pinterest; on the iPhone, it comes second only to Facebook, snagging itself a respectable 34.2%.


The Pinner Profile

The average Pinterest user clocks in at least 80 minutes of time on the site per month, 28.1% of users rake in a respectable six-figure $100K annual income, and the primary user is between 25 to 34 years old.

The Closing Pin

Pinterest’s explosive growth, ability to drive results and discovery-friendly set up are all, in and of themselves, reasons that brands need to be on Pinterest. The bigger picture here, though, is that Pinterest users only share content they truly love, making it the ideal conduit for high-quality traffic and engaged consumers. x

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