11 Must Know Ramen Shops In Osaka For First Time Visitors

Ramen is the most iconic soup to come out of Japan, which is why foodies from around the world come here for the soup. Every single city has its own unique take on ramen soup, so while you’re traveling Japan, you might as well sample the local flavors.

Osaka’s ramen scene is a truly delicious world of its own. In Osaka, the most famous ramen style is shoyu, also known as soy sauce-based ramen. Even so, you can find a ramen shop with almost every style of noodle soup out there.

Let’s take a look at the top ramen shops in the city.

Best Ramen Shops In Osaka

Great ramen chefs can be found in every part of the city, but these particular shops are the ones you really can’t miss!

Kappa Ramen

Kappa Ramen Osaka

This ramen shop chain can be found throughout Osaka and Japan, and the reason why is because it’s delicious. This is a great place to go if you like tonkatsu, a broth made with slow-boiled pork bones.

The real claim to fame here is their Kappa ramen. Named after the famous mythical creature, Kappa ramen features tonkatsu broth with char siu toppings. They also offer a spicy version, too.

Ryukishin RIZE

Ryukishin RIZE Ramen Osaka

When it comes to this ramen restaurant’s signature dish, there’s no question which one it is. Ryukishin RIZE is the first ramen specialty shop to totally focus on shio ramen. Skinny noodles, bamboo shoots, and chashu make every bowl a party in your mouth.

If you visit here, expect to be blown away. With that said, this restaurant’s menu features a lot of super-thick salt broths. People who aren’t up for thick soups might want to try a different option.

Ramen Yashichi

Ramen Yashichi Osaka

Where do we begin with this place? Customers local to the area recognize this as the hit restaurant that moved from Tokyo to Osaka. Shoyu ramen is the specialty here, and the way they do it is amazing.

Each bowl has salt ramen and Japanese chicken soup mixed into a flavorful dish. It’s so good, the venue is always filled with customers lining out the door.

Muteppo Osaka Branch

Muteppo Osaka Branch

Muteppo is one of the more popular ramen chains in the country, and yes, they have a branch in Osaka. Locals always seem to recommend this shop, simply because there’s a bowl of ramen for just about every palate.

You get to choose your style here, and even make your own broth type. Toppings include eggs, fresh chashu, and vegetables. Yum!

Menya Fukuhara

Menya Fukuhara Osaka

Chicken soup seems to be a universal treat. Every culture has its own take on it, and it’s always highly recommended for people who feel like they need a warm hug. Japan’s food culture is not that different.

Menya Fukuhara might have one of the best-prepared chicken ramen bowls in the city of Osaka. Their Mellow Chicken Noodles Shio Ramen is one of the best melt-in-your-mouth bowls you’ll find.

Mendo Kurumi

Mendo Kurumi Osaka

Most ramen shop owners will be manned by a chef who took time to master ramen and Japanese cooking almost exclusively. Mendo Kurumi is a ramen shop that bucks that trend in the best way possible.

This ramen restaurant is owned by a French chef who dishes out both ramen and highly elevated Japanese cuisine. Ramen fans in pursuit of a great meal unlike any other can’t miss this place. The flavor, the chashu, the sheer mix of influences…it’s unlike anything else in Osaka or beyond.

GYOZAOH! Dotonbori Store

GYOZAOH! Dotonbori Store

Dotonburi is one of the top restaurant districts in Osaka. If you have a highly-regarded restaurant here, then you’re doing really well in the culinary world. GYOZAOH is not just the top among ramen shops here.

It’s the top food venue in all of Dotonburi.

Great vegetarian ramen, savory miso soup, noodles galore and gyoza all are on their menu. No matter what you order, you can expect a delicious meal and top tier service.



Can a trip to Osaka really be complete without a trip to at least one of the IPPUDO shops in town? It’d be a lame trip without a quick visit, that’s for sure. IPPUDO is Osaka’s concept of a ramen hotspot.

IPPUDO is one of the many chains that can give a serious shot at being the best ramen in Osaka. It’s so popular, there are multiple locations. IPPUDO’s founder has become known as the “Noodle King” because of how good the ramen is.


Tsuruhime Osaka

In Japan, the world of fusion cuisine is just starting to take hold. Chinese-Japanese fusion tends to be the most common choice for locals. At Tsuruhime, you get to try a Szechuan take on classic Chinese dishes and Japanese dishes.

Their ramen has become the stuff of legend. Of course, if you just want to try some spicy Szechuan food, this is also a great place to go. They have thick noodles that have a serious “bite” to them. This is one of those places you really shouldn’t miss.

Chinese Restaurant Fuku

Believe it or not, Japan’s not the only country famous for its ramen shops or ramen bowls. China has been flexing its food skills too, especially in the fields of spicy ramen, firm noodles, and shoyu ramen. Chinese Restaurant Fuku is a great place to try out both Chinese fare and ramen.

Their Taiwan Ramen noodles will impress you. The atmosphere is elegant and yet at the same time, not stuffy. Let’s just say this place makes Osaka proud, okay?

Ramen Kasumi Awaza

There are certain strange trends in the world of restaurants that can’t be explained with ease. One of these trends is universal: the hole in the wall restaurant. For locals in Osaka, Ramen Kasumi Awaza is the perfect example of this phenomenon.

Kasumi Awaza is literally a hole in the wall place. And yet, it’s considered one of the best ramen shops to watch if you’re a foodie. The star of the ramen show here? It’s a sardine-based broth.

Slurp away here. The broth is rich, the chashu is delicious, and the green onion is the icing on the cake. You’ll be glad you dropped by.

Tips For Navigating The Ramen Scene In Osaka

ramen, noodles, soup

Osaka ramen is never bad, but actually getting a seat at some of these ramen shops can be a task. Here’s how to handle this culinary scene without losing your mind:

  • You don’t need to dress to impress, but you may need reservations. Upscale ramen shops can be very hard to actually book. You may need to search them up online to see if they take reservations. If they do, book in advance.
  • Recognize that you might see a sign you don’t like. Many travelers have seen the signs saying “No Foreigners.” Please respect them. It is not exactly what you want to experience in Osaka, but it’s a reality when you travel this country.
  • Yes, you can slurp. Slurping noodles is a good way to show that you appreciate the ramen in the store. However, it is not mandatory. If it feels weird to you, it’s okay to skip on this tradition. ]
  • Keep an eye on the menu. For the most part, ramen shops are great with flexibility. However, you still have to know what type of broth to order, whether you want boiled eggs as part of it, whether you want green onions, or if you want seafood as part of your meal. A little research goes a long way.
  • Remember to eat fast. Though this is more common in Kyoto, many restaurants in Osaka may hold a dining time maximum. If your restaurant does, they’ll remind you as you sit down.

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