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Emily Carrick

July 15, 2016



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Ran Kim

May 23, 2014


We spend enough much time sitting and lounging around most of the week so now it’s time to peel yourself off the couch. Long weekends are the catalysts for adventures. That extra day off in the week gives us an incentive to plan exciting 3 day excursions in both new and old familiar places. To give you some last minute ideas for what to do this weekend, we’ve pulled together some pins to inspire you to get outside and explore.

1. Red-Eyes

Catch a red-eye out of town and get some fresh air and perspective this weekend! Besides, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. (more…)

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Victoria Bermudez

April 25, 2014


Roasting marshmallows by the campfire, taking in fresh air, and enjoying the scenery mother nature has to offer are a few reasons why people love to go camping. If you live in the city or an urban area, you may especially enjoy getting away from it all and exploring the wilderness for a change. Camping provides a wonderful bonding experience between friends and family and is a great way to recharge and find your inner peace. See the wonders of campaign for yourself in these stunning images we have gather for this week’s top 5 pins. Chances are that by the end of this post you are going to want to plan a trip!

1) Unwind and enjoy the view

Stress-free with nothing to worry about. We’d love to be relaxing by a bonfire enjoying an ice cold drink right now!


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Ran Kim

November 8, 2013


The hallmark symbol of fall is the season’s own natural metamorphosis. The day becomes shorter, chillier and natural landscapes become saturated with color. These phenomenons make fall one of the most wonderful and beautiful times of the year to travel. Its a great excuse to take a camping trip to revel in fall’s natural wonder or go abroad and enjoy your favorite city in a whole different experience. If you’ve got a few vacation days to spare and need some help deciding on an ideal destination for fall, check out this week’s top 5 pins. You might accidentally get a case of the traveling bug!

1. Neuschwanstein Castle – Germany

In fall, you can observe The Neuschwanstein Castle sitting comfortably in a nest of colorful forestry. Doesn’t it look like something from a fairytale? If it does, then you’re right! This castle was the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. With scenery like this, it’s no wonder many of our favorite fairytales originated from Germany.


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Ran Kim

July 12, 2013


A life well-traveled is a life well-lived. We often wait for perfect conditions to travel but by perfect conditions, we don’t necessarily mean perfect weather. We all need a break from our hyper-connected daily lives, and making time for a small vacation just once a year allows us to get away and experience the breadth of our world. Be sure to keep up with our Top 5 Pins: Wanderlust posts for some new ideas for your next adventure!

Since Independence Day and Canada Day just passed, it seemed appropriate to start off our travels with the National Parks in North America! The U.S. and Canada are known for having amazing natural landscapes and an abundance of National Parks. It’s summer, so it’s a perfect time to pack up your gear and travel boldly out to one of these sites to experience the vast wilderness. Let these top 5 pins help you plan your next outdoors vacation!

1. Arches National Park, Utah

Arches National Park is home to more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches created by years of erosion. If you love climbing, this is a great spot for you. Although climbing is prohibited on the arches, there are an abundance of other great structures to climb. This National Park is also a fantastic place to let out your inner astronomer. Camp out and wait for the stars to fill the sky!


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