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Emily Carrick

August 19, 2016


I have no idea how this happened: suddenly, it’s the end of August. Sadly, today is my last day as an intern here at HelloSociety, but instead of crying myself to sleep at the thought of saying goodbye, I’m writing this final blog post. Buying back-to-school gear is the only way to console myself about summertime ending. Whether you’re starting high school, entering your final year of college (like me!), or just looking for some September nostalgia, these five back-to-school essentials will make the transition smooth, fun, and easy.



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Kerry O'Donoghue

August 28, 2015


The end of August is synonymous with school returning to session.  After enjoying the summer season, heading back to school doesn’t have to be a drag!  You will reunite with your friends and teachers, or maybe this year you will embark on a new school whether it be high school, college, or even grad school.  Begin your academic year with new supplies!   Why not kick off the school year with a few Pinterest-inspired DIYs?  These five crafts and DIYs will brighten up your workspace!


1.    Confetti Pencils

Add vibrant hues to your school supplies!  As you prepare for your first day, begin with a fun activity like creating these confetti pencils.  Spruce up your ordinary stationary with colorful polka dots.

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Zoe Waldron

August 14, 2013


Back To School With Pinterest

Although summer isn’t over yet, now’s a great time to start planning for back to school! Pinterest is a great way for you to look for the best deals (especially with the new deal alerts!), DIY gift inspiration, organization and learning, and fun lunch ideas like bento boxes! Here are some of the many things parents can use Pinterest for as back-to-school season approaches:

Back-To-School DIY Projects

Thanking Teachers by SRM Stickers

thanks teacher

DIY Chalkboard Notebooks by Bead and Cord

DIY Gifts for Classmates by i heart nap time


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