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Emily Carrick

August 19, 2016


I have no idea how this happened: suddenly, it’s the end of August. Sadly, today is my last day as an intern here at HelloSociety, but instead of crying myself to sleep at the thought of saying goodbye, I’m writing this final blog post. Buying back-to-school gear is the only way to console myself about summertime ending. Whether you’re starting high school, entering your final year of college (like me!), or just looking for some September nostalgia, these five back-to-school essentials will make the transition smooth, fun, and easy.



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Kerry O'Donoghue

April 1, 2016


Whether you are a coffee bean aficionado or occasional coffee drinker, we can all admit that every now and then we get that sluggish feeling and the only solution is a boost of caffeine.  Everyone’s need for caffeine varies, take a cup of coffee on the go or choose to sit and enjoy a foamy cappuccino at a local café.  There are many reasons people choose to enjoy a cup of joe!  Instagram is a great platform to find a trendy café in town or discover the next best coffee beverage.  Here are a few ways Instagram motivates us to get that caffeine boost.


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Zoe Waldron

November 13, 2013


Now the 4th most popular channel for sharing, Pinterest is a must-have for all brands, big and small. In this case study, we evaluate Starbucks, a large brand that has done some great things on Pinterest, but also has some areas they could improve on as well. Starbucks’ main products are coffee, tea, mugs, tumblers, and food. Starbucks’ Pinterest account, Starbucks Loves, has 11 boards, over 1100 pins, and a pinning aesthetic to match the good taste of their stores. With interesting and visually appealing pins that speak of a love of coffee and a happy lifestyle, Starbucks has captivated over 107K followers on Pinterest.

What Starbucks is doing right (more…)

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