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Kerry O'Donoghue

January 22, 2016


The average Los Angeles foodie is used to dining at all the best restaurants in town!  Others may wait until Restaurant Week to enjoy a three-course meal at one of LA’s most popular restaurants.  For those who are unfamiliar, Restaurant Week is your opportunity to dine at the trendiest restaurants your city has to offer at a discounted rate.  With only seven days left of restaurant week in LA, you should take advantage of dineLA’s sweet deals this weekend.  This culinary event usually takes place twice a year in major cities across the United States.  Some of Los Angeles’s most noteworthy food bloggers have highlighted these LA hotspots on Instagram.  Check out these popular culinary experiences below!

1. DineLA

Los Angeles Restaurant Week is sponsored by DineLA, whose Instagram boasts plenty of food and landmark photos from all over the city.  Restaurant week provides fixed price menus for lunch and dinner at the best restaurants in town.  Check out the list of restaurants participating in Restaurant Week to discover a taste of LA! (more…)

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Ran Kim

July 19, 2013


They tear up our furniture and chew on our favorite shoes. Sometimes they forget they’re potty trained and soil your freshly cleaned carpet. They drive us insane sometimes, but there is nothing in this world that will love you more than your dog. Since DineLA is happening this week in Los Angeles, people are flooding Yelp to find the best restaurants to try, so we thought it would be fun to feature our canine companions and their insatiable appetites. Take a look at our top 5 pins for our favorite images of our hungry furry friends!

1. Corgi Issues

First world Corgi problems. So close. So so close! Sorry Corgi, no meatballs for you today.


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