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Emily Carrick

July 22, 2016


I am a cat person. I grew up with (count ’em) nine different cats; it’s hard to escape that kind of immersion. However, in recent months, I have attempted to overcome my innate fear of dogs and prejudiced preference for cats. My endeavor to become a dog lover is mostly inspired by my dad’s new dog, Bailey, but it’s a universal phenomenon—I’ve started to embrace every dog I come across. (Shout out to HelloSociety’s own Stella, the most beautiful creature I have ever known.) Even my immediate physiological response to meeting dogs has changed recently: I see a dog and my instinct is to start cooing wildly. I try to tone it down for the sake of propriety.

In honor of the pure beauty of our canine friends, here are five adorable dog Vines. (Okay, and one extra. I couldn’t pick.)

1. Yamato

She’s so talented! Look at how great that jump is! She totally deserves that treat.


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Jorge Rivera

May 20, 2016


To put it simply, dogs are awesome. If they’re begging for your food, barking at their leash to convince you to take them on a walk, or simply welcoming you  home, dogs will find a way to put a smile on your face. Here are five of our favorite dogs on Instagram.



Ralphie is a cockapoo. Thats a cocker-spaniel x poodle. As you can tell, Ralphie is laid back and doesn’t mind throwing back a beer or two with his buddies.


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Zoe Waldron

April 7, 2014


meinParis copy 2.jpg

Meet Caren Adams, an animal lover, vintage shop owner, and lifestyle blogger from Peterborough, Ontario. Caren’s blog Tea & Chickadees shares images of adorable animals, her favorite things, and anything cute. She lives in a quaint 1950s home filled with Mid Century Modern furniture and quirky collectibles.

“I share this space with my Chiweeniepug, Grace and two feline friends, a cantankerous diabetic senior, Strongpaw and the handsome Manx, Henry Bear.”

Caren works as a designer and an online vintage shop owner. When she’s not working, blogging, or pinning, Caren can be found taking photos with her Polaroid, making pancakes, collecting vintage treasures, and daydreaming (Pinterest helps with that!) Caren’s love for all things cute has earned her over 532K Pinterest followers!

When did you start using Pinterest and what inspired you to make an account? Where did your Pinterest name ‘thelittlethings’ come from?

I started with Pinterest pretty much at its inception. I was immediately intrigued with the ability to visually bookmark the things I find on the World Wide Web. I often describe Pinterest as a digital scrapbook; each board containing snapshots of a particular interest. I called my account ‘thelittlethings’ because that’s where I find most joy, in the little things around me. I tend to share a lot of those ‘little things’ on Pinterest, like cats. Lots of cats.

Why do you like Pinterest?

The immediacy of sharing information is what I love most about Pinterest – I find something I like, I pin it, and then it gets seen and enjoyed globally. Being a visual person, it’s like a party for my eyes when I go to Pinterest and see what everyone else is pinning! (more…)

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Victoria Bermudez

February 21, 2014


Who doesn’t like dogs? They’re loving, loyal, and always greet you like they haven’t seen you in ages. No wonder they are known as man’s best friend. Be that as it may, just like our fuzzy friends are sweet little angels, they can also be the biggest rascals. For some reason they tend to gravitate towards trouble, even when they mean well. Nonetheless, we love them and that is why we are dedicating this week’s top 5 pins to cute pooches who were caught being naughty.

1) It really wasn’t me

Everyone deserves a fair trial. (more…)

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