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Emily Carrick

July 29, 2016


I love women. All women. So let me assure you of the difficulty of narrowing down this list when I could make a top 100 list of every different shade of woman (Top 50 Latina Women Who Live in Venice and Like Braiding their Hair). Just know that there are a million other women that could be on this list.

Last night, I sat curled up on the couch watching Hillary Clinton’s historic DNC speech while my dad did the dishes in the kitchen. Women are doing amazing things all over the world. Feminism is alive and well and more complex than ever. Here are five incredible examples of inspiring women!



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Mindy Hu

December 27, 2013



Tracey Chan is a Trinidadian interdisciplinary visual artist focused on mixed media illustration, photography, and installation, which consist of organic lines and the human form. She has exhibited primarily in the Caribbean, co-curating four shows in Grenada. Her work has also been shown in international group exhibitions in the U.S., U.K. and Europe. Tracey is one of the directors and co-founder of art collective 4Hr Nap, and currently resides in Trinidad & Tobago as a graphic designer, fine artist, and art project manager. Her love for art and creativity has helped her acquire 1M+ followers on Pinterest.

We recently caught up with Tracey to ask about her month-long inspiration trip, other travels and her creative projects.


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