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Tori Stark

October 25, 2016



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Zoe Waldron

September 29, 2015


Each social platform has its own unique benefits, setbacks, and primary users. Integrating campaigns and content across social platforms helps fill in those gaps with features of another platform, all while helping your brand reach the widest market possible. Planning an Instagram campaign soon? Tie those images in with a Pinterest board theme and link them back to your Instagram. Teaming up with a Vine influencer to create a branded Vine video? Make sure that video gets shared or promoted on Twitter for an extra boost of awareness and engagement. Have a new video you’re hoping will go viral? Consider uploading it on Facebook and YouTube for extended reach. The following integrations explore ways you can boost views, engagement and shares with a multi-platform strategy.

Pinterest and Instagram are two very visual platforms. They are also two very different platforms. Pinterest is the perfect place online to plan for your future. Instagram is great for sharing highlights from your life currently. So how can they support each other?

Let’s compare some complementing pros + cons: (more…)

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