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Tori Stark

September 28, 2016


This month, our HelloStudio experts weighed in on their favorite ways to successfully edit and post exclusively on the iPhone. As blogging and Influencer marketing pick up steam as mainstream advertising avenues, more campaigns are being shot and styled on iPhone, and we spent the last month going through your questions about how to optimize that process. Below you’ll find all the details on the best lighting, apps, and accessories to make your iPhone pictures stand out.

Q: Are there any apps that are worth the money for editing and manipulating photos?

There are an overwhelming amount of photo apps for iPhone, and we totally understand being hesitant to lay down the fee and not get the features and tools you’re looking for. Here are some of our favorite photoshopping apps, along with the standout features on each one:

ColorStory: Buy the unlimited filter pack! These filters are all beautiful and fully adjustable. This is probably the best filter package on the market.

Facetune: This one has an amazing exposure tool to make your photos brighter and crisper.

Afterlight: Use this app when you need a great saturation tool that makes pictures more colorful and vibrant.

If you don’t want to buy a separate filter app, you can get a similar result using the Instagram app. Simply put your phone on airplane mode, edit the photo with the built in filters and adjustments, and hit post. The photo won’t be shared with your followers, but will be saved to your camera roll with your chosen adjustments. You can then repeat the process with the new version to layer different filters, exposure levels, etc.

Q: My pictures often come out with shadows that take away from the focal point of the image. Any tips on avoiding shadows and other lighting mistakes?

The worst lighting, and the hardest time to avoid harsh shadows, is 12 PM. We recommend avoiding shooting around noon if possible! If you absolutely must, be sure to step into a shaded area to soften or avoid shadows altogether.

You’ll find even, soft light around sunrise and for the few hours after. Another excellent shooting time, referred to as the ‘Golden Glow’, is from 3-6 PM. No matter what time you’re shooting, we recommend never using flash, as the iPhone flash is not high enough quality yet to affect the image in the way you want.

Q: Any insider tips for someone just starting out shooting on iPhone?

Experiment, experiment, experiment. One of the greatest advantages of digital photography over print is that you can save multiple versions of the same photo. If you’re taking images for a brand partnership, you can even send several versions and see which one they like, or which fits best with your aesthetic.

To submit questions for the next installment of HelloStudio Tips, send your questions to tori@hellosociety.com!

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Zoe Waldron

August 13, 2015


When sharing an Instagram with a product to feature in mind, it’s important to keep that balance of personal aesthetic and making sure the brand is happy. Below we’ve shared four different styles of product Instagrams that have a nice balance of inspiration and promotion, with examples from pro-bloggers and top Instagram influencers, Sincerely Jules and Damsel in Dior.

1. The Flat Lay — Let a product shine by surrounding it with beautiful + inspirational items, like flowers, candles, accessories, home decor or food/drink.

– This can be taken directly above the items or at a slight angle in front (as shown below).

– Solid white backgrounds are always a winner, although solid backgrounds of other colors or subtle patterns like tiling and wood also work well.

– Make sure to leave visible space between each item to keep it looking nicely organized. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

June 10, 2015


Keegan Adriance is a HelloSociety Influencer and professional photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has over 857k Pinterest followers. Keegan has been kind enough to share some tips with us on image editing for different social media platforms in this week’s guest blog post:


When you look at your Pinterest homepage, what images stand out to you most? I’m sure some reel you in using bold color or shiny text gimmicks, but I can guarantee that the small, horizontal/landscape images on your screen are not the ones immediately catching your eye. Pinterest’s layout is designed to best feature vertical images. Just look at how much real estate they take up on the screen compared to horizontal shots, or even square. It’s such a bummer when I find a beautiful blog post and want to share it but all of the images are horizontal. I understand that some subjects, like interiors or food, may be more challenging to present vertically, but if you’re a blogger and want your images to do well on Pinterest, I highly recommend posting a few vertical shots.

This is even more important if you plan on sharing the images yourself. Your vertical images will almost always get more attention (which leads to more clicks) than the horizontal images surrounding it. Although I’m personally not a fan of this specific pin look, even combining multiple images into a vertical representation is a better option than a single, horizontal photo. Think about those pins you see that are longer than your screen. It may be obnoxious, but you definitely see it. Editing (and shooting) for vertical images is probably the most basic, yet arguably most effective, step you can take to attract more attention to your pins.

Instagram (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

March 25, 2015


Instagram has a few features that help you control your account even better and all through your mobile app, but several people aren’t aware all of these features exist. To make sure your Instagram game is on point, read these tips to stay on top! We share a cool new app from Instagram, how to take a photo when your iPhone memory is full, how to reply to comments quickest, how to delete your own or others’ comments, and how to remove yourself from a tagged photo on the Instagram app in just a few seconds.

Tip #1: Try this cool brand new photo editing app made by Instagram

The brand new iPhone app ‘Layout from Instagram’ is Instagram’s latest free photo editing app. You can combine images into one layout (without bars separating the images), flip images horizontally and vertically, and edit the sizes by simply dragging the side of an image. It’s especially cool for making mirrored effects, like the mountain example below. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

March 11, 2015


Share your day’s adventures with just one photo that speaks volumes. The social media platform Instagram is similar to Pinterest in that it’s a visual platform – but the cool thing about it is that it’s built to just post your own content, and is so easy to use. Instagram is widely used by several companies and bloggers and it’s well-targeted to millennials, which appeals to a lot of brands. A great way to reach your existing fans, potential new fans, and friends is with Instagram. So what makes an Instagram photo stand out? What apps are great for improving photos? Which Instagrammers should you be following for inspiration? The following guide shares examples and tips for becoming a master at Instagram content creation.

Rule #1: Know Your Style

Some of the best Instagram accounts have an obvious overall theme to their styles of photos and the kinds of content they share. This comes down to brightness, saturation, style of shots, shadowing and content. Do you love sharing color, like influencer Will Taylor of Bright.Bazaar? Choose a style theme and try to stick to it. If your tastes change, be true to that – just don’t flip flop or combine styles too much. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

February 19, 2015


Anyone can take a photograph and upload it to Pinterest. A content creator knows how to style a shoot for Pinterest, what lighting works best, and tricks like adding text and stacking images to make those ‘wow’ pins that grab a viewer’s attention while they are quickly scanning their feed. The following guide shares tricks to becoming a master at content creation for Pinterest in no time!

Getting the Lighting Right

Tricks To Getting Good Lighting With and Without Natural Light:

With light

– If direct sunlight is coming through the window, cover the window with a light white sheet or shower curtain so the sun’s light isn’t as harsh and looks more soft.
– If the sun isn’t coming in through the window your direction, photograph it in the shade and brighten as necessary.
– Take shots from different angles, shooting against the sun and with the sun.

Without light

– Have a light box or reflector? See some amazing tips from Pinch of Yum here.
– Don’t have a reflector? Learn how to make your own DIY Photo Light Box from Flax & Twine here.

Set Up & Showing Steps (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

August 20, 2014


HS Pinterest Tips Tricks Aug.jpg

1. Press the spacebar to quickly scroll down your feed.

For those who don’t already know, you can press the spacebar to quickly scroll down your Pinterest feed at a nice pace. If you’re on Pinterest for a while, like I can be at times, it can make searching through feeds and searches much easier on your wrist. Try it now!

Space Bar GIF.gif

2. Promote getting new followers with the ‘follow landing page.’ (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

April 17, 2014


Lululemon Case Study 3.jpg

Lululemon has more followers on Pinterest than Facebook and Twitter followers combined. As one of the top-followed brands on Pinterest and one of the top-followed accounts focused on the fitness and health category, Lululemon has approached Pinterest with creativity and consistency. In comparison to its competitors, Lululemon is dominating Pinterest. Nike Women (36K followers), Lorna Jane (32K followers), Athleta (13K followers), Underarmour (1K followers), and lucy Activewear (1K followers) are nowhere near their following. Lululemon’s beautiful aesthetic and focus on fitness and healthy living has earned them over 1.9 million Pinterest followers!

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 1.46.14 PM.png

What Lululemon is doing right (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

April 9, 2014


Secret Boards.jpg

The ability to secretly bookmark and organize pins onto secret Pinterest boards is a terrific feature that a lot of brands and pinners still aren’t taking full advantage of. Although many pinners have a few secret boards created at the moment, there are a lot of creative secret boards many people on Pinterest could really benefit from having. Secret boards allow you to bookmark and organize pins without spamming your followers or giving away surprises, gifts, details to events, or anything personal you’d rather not share with the world. You can plan a surprise party for your sister, get inspired for the details of your upcoming wedding, or find and pin the perfect gifts for your parents for their anniversary.

Secret boards are also especially great for people entering Pinterest contests. You can create a Pinterest board for a contest secretly so you aren’t spamming your followers with content all at once, and then make it public after making sure it’s perfect. Now that Pinterest recently announced that the number of secret boards you can have is unlimited, the possibilities with secret boards are truly limitless. The following two lists share ways both brands and pinners can utilize secret boards. (more…)

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Zoe Waldron

April 2, 2014


10 Brands.jpg

Variety is key for brands on Pinterest. Brands that only pin onto boards around their content or category of products aren’t utilizing Pinterest as well as they could. A brand’s followers choose to follow them because they enjoy that product or service, want to learn more about those products, or relate to the pins shared on the brand’s account. Those followers also want to be able to go to a brand’s Pinterest account for inspiration for a wide variety of interests and topics, not just to see great clothes, for example. Think of Pinterest as a one-stop inspiration spot where followers can get inspired in all aspects of their lives through pins around DIY, beauty, fitness, travel, photography, recipes, party planning and your products and exclusive brand content. Below I’ve listed ten vital board categories that all brands should have.

1. A lifestyle board

This board will speak to the kind of consumers the brand is targeting. Have a board dedicated to painting a picture of what your consumers do, where they go, with a lot of great photography pins to add emotion and life behind the board’s story. You can pin some products onto this board, but keep it minimal. We recommend no more than one product pin per every 5 pins. Share pins that are optimized for Pinterest (vertical and bright is usually better), fun, beautiful, and brand-aligned. For example: a beautiful and inspired camping board for REI.

Example boards

Madewell’s Paris travel & lifestyle board

J.Crew’s Surf Life lifestyle board (more…)

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