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Emily Carrick

July 29, 2016


I love women. All women. So let me assure you of the difficulty of narrowing down this list when I could make a top 100 list of every different shade of woman (Top 50 Latina Women Who Live in Venice and Like Braiding their Hair). Just know that there are a million other women that could be on this list.

Last night, I sat curled up on the couch watching Hillary Clinton’s historic DNC speech while my dad did the dishes in the kitchen. Women are doing amazing things all over the world. Feminism is alive and well and more complex than ever. Here are five incredible examples of inspiring women!



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Zoe Waldron

October 23, 2013


With the recent addition of article pins and the recent data revealing that Pinterest is the fastest growing platform for website referral traffic, it’s becoming more and more apparent that ignoring Pinterest is no longer an option. Pinterest is now one of the top social sites with 2.5 billion monthly pageviews making it easy to discover and share products, photographs, designs, new articles and more, yet still a lot of men are hesitant to jump on the bandwagon.

Recently, I tried to explain the value of Pinterest to some male friends and they said that they tried it once and hated it because their feeds had “a bunch of chick stuff” they had no desire to learn more about, let alone repin. While it’s true that around 72% of Pinterest users are women, Pinterest is similar to any social media site in that you have to cater it to your interests before you’ll start to really enjoy it.

When someone makes a Pinterest profile, that person is prompted to follow a few boards they like, but sometimes the suggested boards aren’t really their forte so they lose interest quickly and claim that they’ve tried it and disliked it. For all of those men (and women) out there who are quick to judge, give Pinterest another chance.

Both the NHL and CBS Sports each have over 1.2M followers on Pinterest! Even the NFL has a Pinterest. Tinder’s CEO Sean Rad also just shared in an interview with Vanity Fair that he’s currently obsessed with Pinterest. All I ask is that the skeptics give Pinterest one more whole-hearted chance.

Ready to give Pinterest a shot? Don’t know what boards to follow? Below we’ve compiled a list of some awesome Pinterest boards that appeal more to men and just might get you hooked to pinning everything from cars, graphic designs, and memes to photography, girls, tattoos, and the great outdoors. Note: a few of these pinners are not in our network, but we still shared their boards because we can appreciate the awesome manliness. Check them out!


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